Contrasting statements about Russia withdrawing the “Sputnik” vaccine from Iran

Contrasting statements about Russia withdrawing the “Sputnik” vaccine from Iran
Contrasting statements about Russia withdrawing the “Sputnik” vaccine from Iran

Two months after the start of trial production of the Russian Sputnik anti-coronavirus vaccine, Iranian officials made contradictory statements regarding the recall of the vaccine produced in Iran by Russia.

The Assistant Commander of the Biological Defense Headquarters in Iran, Muhammad Karimi Nia, told the Revolutionary Guards newspaper, “Joan”, today, Saturday, that all Sputnik vaccines produced in Iran will be delivered to Russia.

Karimi Nia added: “The truth is that the Russians contracted with the Iranian pharmaceutical company (Actoworko), to produce the Sputnik vaccine in Iran and deliver it to Russia, not Iran, and in fact Russia used external sources to produce the Sputnik vaccine,” noting that “the contract was from the beginning about the production of the vaccine.” in Iran and transporting two million doses a month to Russia.”

On the other hand, Kianush Jahanpour, head of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran’s Health Ministry, said that Russia has not yet given the Iranian side a license for mass production.

“The Sputnik vaccine was produced only as an initial shipment, and for weeks it has been waiting for final approval from the Russian Kamalia Institute to enter the mass production cycle,” Jahanpour said in response to Kariminia’s statement.

He added, “The Food and Drug Organization must issue an entry and exit permit for any vaccine, and this permit has not yet been issued.”

Jahanpour described Muhammad Kariminia’s statements regarding the withdrawal of the Russian Sputnik vaccine produced in Iran as “false,” noting that “the Russian side has not yet agreed on the original product of the Sputnik Lite vaccine, which is produced by a private Iranian company for mass production under a license.”

Jahanpour said that “the intention and motives of the spokesman for spreading this lie are not clear in the current situation.”

And “Sputnik Lite” is the first component of the “Sputnik V” vaccine, (that is, it is in a single dose), and vaccination with “Sputnik Lite” will help reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

This is the second case of controversy among senior Iranian health officials over the Corona vaccine.

Last July, Iranian Deputy Health Minister Ali Reza Raisi said, “The Russians deceived us in the field of vaccine production.”

The process of vaccination against Corona in Iran is progressing slowly and confusingly, after the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banned the import of vaccines from the United States and Britain, but he retracted last month from that after the high number of daily infections and deaths.

Despite the widespread publicity about the Iranian Baraka vaccine, sponsored by an institution affiliated with the office of Supreme Leader Khamenei, no reliable study of its effectiveness and safety has been published so far, despite its use for a while.

In another context, Iran announced 515 deaths, with more than 20 thousand injuries, during the past 24 hours.

According to this report, the total number of people infected with the Corona virus has reached more than five million, while the number of deaths has risen to 110,64 people, since the start of monitoring the pandemic.

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