Calm in Tripoli… and Dabaiba calls security officials to account

Calm in Tripoli… and Dabaiba calls security officials to account
Calm in Tripoli… and Dabaiba calls security officials to account

The Libyan capital, on Saturday, regained its calm after a long day of bloody clashes and the fiercest since the new government came to power.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, called for a meeting, today, Saturday, in order to find out the details of what happened, and to hold those involved accountable.

In this context, Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that the government had invited the Minister of Interior, the Chief of General Staff, and the commanders of the military region in Tripoli, the western and central regions and the western coast as well, in addition to the military prosecutor.

The withdrawal of the combatants

The Presidential Council, in turn, sent an invitation to the conflicting armed militias, in which it ordered them to stop the clashes and return to the headquarters immediately, and vowed to prosecute those responsible.

Meanwhile, the fighters of the rival factions withdrew from the battlefield in the Salah al-Din area, south of the capital, after a full day of bloody clashes, the worst in 6 months, during which there were deaths and injuries on both sides, and caused material damage to public and private properties.

This bloody fighting erupted at dawn on Friday between the “Stability Support Service” of the Presidential Council and the “444th Brigade” of the Chief of Staff, in which medium and heavy weapons were used, including tanks and artillery shells.

government decision

It is noteworthy that these constantly renewed clashes between the rival militias of the capital, highlight the difficulty that Libya faces in reining in fighters who were employed in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and who refuse to disarm, and in building unified security institutions.

It also reflects the continuous inability of successive governments to find and implement plans to dismantle militias and how to deal with them, especially after they have become dependent on militiamen to maintain security.

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