“Iranians tried to sell me” .. Video of a girl jumping from the 8th floor

“Iranians tried to sell me” .. Video of a girl jumping from the 8th floor
“Iranians tried to sell me” .. Video of a girl jumping from the 8th floor

Because she was kidnapped and held hostage in Antalya, Turkey, a 19-year-old woman jumped from the eighth floor, seriously injuring her, according to a video clip circulated by Turkish activists.

In the details, a girl named Shirin jumped from a high-rise window 10 meters from the street, crashing into a car parked in the street and then a concrete sidewalk, according to the Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet.

The young woman appears in the video while trying to jump, after she lowered her feet from the window, before jumping recklessly in conjunction with a number of passers-by who rushed to help her and called for an ambulance.

The girl claimed that she was forcibly detained, noting that she was held hostage by people who came from Iran and tried to sell her.

Also, the girl writhed in pain on the ground, “Help me, I was kidnapped. They kidnapped me and took me hostage, they came from Iran.”

“These are organizations. They tried to sell me. Things like this have happened to me all my life. I didn’t realize how serious it was. They took the camera.” Also, she explained that she had been tortured since her childhood, and continued her words in the form of delusions as she was in pain, “It means that women think about certain things, but they are silent. I have learned everything. The girls are afraid. The issue is very serious. It would be better if I died. I did not want to be with him”.

For his part, one of the witnesses, Shaheen Ideli, who filmed the girl with his mobile phone falling, stated that “he was sitting in the kitchen. The voices started to rise. I immediately went to the window. The woman was screaming, I want to die.”

For its part, the Turkish authorities have launched an investigation into the incident to look into its circumstances and find out what happened.

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