Bolsonaro issues an “ultimatum” to the Supreme Court

Bolsonaro issues an “ultimatum” to the Supreme Court
Bolsonaro issues an “ultimatum” to the Supreme Court

Brazilian – AFP
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed, on Friday, that the demonstrations scheduled for next September 7 will serve as a “warning” for two Supreme Court judges with whom he has been going through a test of strength for several weeks.
On Tuesday, the far-right president will participate in these demonstrations in support of his government, which he hopes will be massive, and will spread throughout the country on the occasion of the National Day, in a show of strength in the midst of a crisis in the country. “We cannot accept that one or two people use their power to drag the country in another direction,” he said at a party in Bahia state. He continued, “The message you will leave to these two people on the street next Tuesday will be a warning to them. Respect the constitution and our freedom, and understand that you are going in the wrong direction.”
Bolsonaro was addressing Supreme Court justices Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso.
And Moraes decided to investigate the president on charges of spreading false information, and ordered raids on his supporters on suspicion of organizing or financing anti-democratic demonstrations. On Friday, Moraes issued an arrest warrant for Bolsonaro blogger Wellington Macedo, who is suspected of planning violent protests on Independence Day.
Barroso, who also chairs the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, has strongly opposed the president on the issue of the electronic voting system.
The president regularly denounces electoral “rigging” without providing evidence, considering that he should have been elected since the first round in 2018. She has repeatedly called Barroso an “idiot.”
He cast doubts about holding the presidential elections in 2022, saying, for example, last July: “Either we hold real elections in Brazil, or there will be no elections.” Bolsonaro warned that Brazil would face an even worse problem if it used electronic voting in 2022, when the country elects the president, state governors, deputies and the Senate.


Bolsonaro issues ultimatum Supreme Court

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