Egypt.. A decision to leave the last carriages of trains empty

The Egyptian Railways Authority decided to leave the last carriage of all its trains empty of passengers, by order of the Egyptian Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir.

According to the Egyptian media, the aim of the decision is to confront train collisions and reduce the number of casualties resulting from such accidents.

She explained that the decision includes replacing the last carriage of the trains with a carriage that is left empty of passengers, or is designated for carrying luggage.

The last carriage of the train will also leave the workshop in the event of a decision to leave it empty and closed, its doors will be locked, as the railway authority issued instructions to the workshops to close the doors of the last carriage of trains with keys before heading to the station for its trips, provided that the keys are left in the custody of the security element of the train.

The Railway Authority called on the Railway Company for Integrated Services and its insurance and cleaning works to provide a sufficient number of administrative security personnel to close the last carriage and prevent the presence of any people in it.

Legal measures will also be taken against anyone who is in the last carriage of any train, in order to preserve the safety of passengers and the trains’ running.


Egypt decision leave carriages trains empty

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