More than 7,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar

More than 7,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar
More than 7,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar

A Qatari official announced today, Saturday, that more than 7,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar, amid thousands of people seeking to get out of Kabul, after the Taliban’s seizure of power led to the evacuations marred by chaos.

“Since the start of international operations, more than seven thousand people have been evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar,” said the Qatari official, who asked not to be identified.

“At the request of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and international media organizations, we have evacuated hundreds of Afghan employees and their families from different parts of the country,” the official noted.

He explained that, in addition, “we have facilitated the evacuation of nationals from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and others,” stressing that evacuation efforts are continuing.

US officials confirmed that the evacuations were suspended for seven hours, on Friday; Because of the overcrowding of the base used to receive evacuees.

According to the Qatari official, up to eight thousand Afghans will settle in Qatar, explaining that a large part of the seven thousand people currently in Qatar are in the process of heading to other countries.

Although six days have passed since the Taliban seized power, the international community is still reeling from the influx of people wanting to leave Afghanistan.

The roads leading to the Kabul airport are overcrowded, and families are crowded within a belt of barbed wire separating the territory under the control of the Taliban and that under the control of US forces and their allies.

US President Joe Biden described the air evacuations from Kabul airport as “the largest and most difficult in history.”

In a related context, a Taliban official said, on Saturday, that the movement seeks to provide a “smooth exit” for those wishing to leave the Afghan capital, Kabul.

He stated that his movement is making progress in forming an Afghan government and ensuring security across the country since its takeover of the capital.

The Taliban official added that security risks could not be ruled out at Kabul airport, where thousands gather daily hoping to leave the country.

He explained that the movement “aims to improve the situation and provide a smooth exit” at the airport in the coming hours. ‎

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