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Headphones translate into 37 languages

Headphones translate into 37 languages
Headphones translate into 37 languages

Headphones translate into 37 languages

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

A lot of times, we get into awkward situations, while talking to others, whether while traveling or while talking, especially about business or even for personal purposes, because of the difficulty in understanding the language spoken by the other person.

According to the American “englishgate” website, despite the emergence of many smart speakers capable of translation, which were introduced by companies such as Google, for example, the “Click Plus” headset developed by a British young man of Ghanaian origin is considered the most advanced.

British engineer Danny Manu has succeeded in coming up with a new technology that translates languages ​​instantly through wireless earbuds, and does not need the Internet for translation, but rather a self-translation, unlike most of the inventions in this field previously.

About how it works, he says: “I developed the wireless Bluetooth headset in such a way that it must be paired with a smartphone, and the operating system does the rest. or two sentences.

“It is the world’s first smart earbuds with simultaneous translation, where other people say what they want and the headphones translate into your own language,” he adds, stressing that it contains high-resolution audio.

Manu explained that the headset supports nearly 37 European and Asian languages, and by next year, more languages ​​will be added.

He pointed out that the system that works in these speakers does not translate dialects, but that work is currently underway to implement it, by using machine learning and artificial intelligence, stressing that the speaker system supports the translation of Standard Arabic.

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