Apple provides the HomeKit application to allow users to control smart home devices

Apple provides an app HomeKit Via its mobile phones to allow users to control and control the smart home devices from Apple, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

While Apple does not manufacture its own smart home devices, it does allow other manufacturers to make devices that are compatible with it.

Therefore, devices compatible with HomeKit As official Apple devices that you can use within Apple’s integrated ecosystem.

And you can control all these devices through an app Home Available in all iPhone and iPad phones.

Control of smart cameras connected to the system HomeKit from Apple

And you can connect a group of security cameras to the system HomeKit With your phone, and then control them all via the app.

You can do a lot of things through the home application menu, and you can access the cameras by following these steps:

1 Head to the Home app on your phone, and then click on the Home sign at the top of the app.

2 When you see a list of rooms connected to the application, you can choose the room you want and click on it from the list.

3 And then you see a set of thumbnails of the cameras, where the application shows you all the cameras connected to it in this room.

4 And you can click on the thumbnail to enter the full recording and live broadcast of the camera.

5 And you can control and go to different times throughout the day, by controlling the time bar below.

From the menu above, you can also choose the date you want to watch the recording for.

You can also share this recording by clicking on the share button below, and then choosing the method of sharing or clicking on Save the video to record it on your phone.

You can press the delete button on the left side of the application to delete this clip.

Vacuum implementation HomeKit It saves any scene or clips you record for 10 continuous days, after which it automatically deletes it. You can also access the options for automatic recording or facial recognition by pressing the gear button at the top of the screen.

Source: Technology: Apple provides the HomeKit application to allow users to control smart home devices

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