“NASA” monitors colored “pupils” staring at us from space

The space agency “NASA” published one of the strangest scenes observed in deep space, considering this scene as “the most beautiful snapshot of the day”, which was recently monitored.

And the space agency, “NASA”, periodically shares scenes captured from the distant galaxies of the universe, with a simple comment from astronomers on these scenes.

According to pampaskies, the new and unique image of a nebula with the symbol “NGC 7293”, a narrow-band dichromatic image (HOO), was made using data accumulated in the past three years from a total imaging that lasted about 90 hours.

The site noted that this image was produced after all the data of a number of lenses and space observatories of various technologies to produce what appears to be “the pupil of an eye” looking at us from far space.

In turn, “NASA” quoted an astronomer who commented on the image, saying: “Only 700 light-years away from Earth towards the constellation Aquarius, there is a dying sun-like star.”

The expert continued: “The past thousands of years have produced the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293), which is a well-studied and close example of a planetary nebula.”

The expert explained that to prepare this image, it took about 90 hours of observation and analysis to create this wide view of the wonderful nebula.

Source: Sputnik


NASA monitors colored pupils staring space

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