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Nokia re-launches the 6310

Nokia re-launches the 6310
Nokia re-launches the 6310

Nokia has relaunched the 6310, the iconic mobile phone that became famous for being “indestructible”, this year with its 20th Celebration Edition.

The Finnish company has returned the 6310 phone with a revamped design. The seemingly indestructible phone, also called “brick” by people around the world, was first launched in 2001 and updated to the 6310i a year later and pulled from the market in 2005.

Although new hardware from it hasn’t been in the market for over 15 years, the phone has a fan following like no other.

To this day, the 6310 and 3310 are used by many as backup phones due to their durability and extremely long battery life.

The phone had limited entertainment options. You can play the legendary Snake or compose a mono ringtone with the built-in composer.

Despite the limited options, the phone has become one of Nokia’s best-selling devices. Its legendary status is now being revisited through memes and jokes on social media platforms.

The re-released version, which has already been launched in some markets, has a large 240×320 pixel curved color screen, and better readability. Unlike its predecessor, it will have a camera and will come in two colors.

According to the Nokia website, the phone is available for £59.99 (Rs. 6000).

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The intention to relaunch the phone was announced earlier this year by the Finnish tech giant HMD Global that licenses the Nokia brand.

A spokesperson for HMD Global said: “The Nokia 6310 is a classic reimagined for users who love it today. By providing advanced accessibility, an improved ergonomics, and weeks of battery life, it honors all that Nokia phones stand for. And yes – she still has the snake game.”

“With accessibility as the foundation of the design, the larger tactile buttons and wider width make use more intuitive and enjoyable,” the spokesperson added.

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