The new Halo watch.. Super capabilities and low price

The new Halo watch.. Super capabilities and low price
The new Halo watch.. Super capabilities and low price

The Chinese electronic company “Hailo” has launched a new and modern smart watch on the market, called “GST”, and its price is set at $56.

The Chinese company said that the new smart watch that it launched, is estimated to be about 11.7 mm thick, and is equipped with a 1.69-inch TFT Touch screen, and works with a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels, and the RTL8762C processor beats inside it.

The company explained in the specifications of the modern watch, that it weighs 42 grams, which means that it does not constitute a burden on those who use it, and the width of the bracelet is 22 mm, and the watch is equipped with a sensor to measure heart rate and a sensor to record movement, especially steps, in addition to the possibility of measuring and recording the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

The watch has a good degree of protection against dust and water according to the IP68 standard, and therefore can withstand rain and water splashes, in addition to the stopwatch function and displaying the weather forecast for the next three days, and the watch can also control music playback on the smartphone as well as display notifications, and the smart watch also includes The new GST has a battery life of up to 9 days.

Hilo smart watch

The GST smart watch also has very distinct specifications that make it unique from its peers, perhaps the most notable of which is the very good autonomy “continuity of operation” which, according to Haylou, may sometimes reach 9 days, and the battery capacity extends to 220 mAh and this does not justify number above.

But again, it can be said that almost a week of autonomy is also a very good number for an hour in this category.

HAYLOU is a Chinese company specializing in headphones and smart watches, and it has recently joined the “Xiaomi” MiOT Ecosystem program, and has continued to produce and design new watches, which go to a large group of the public.

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