iPad Pro is more than just an alternative to laptops

iPad Pro is more than just an alternative to laptops
iPad Pro is more than just an alternative to laptops

There is no doubt that laptops are useful, but previously their role revolved around running simple applications and watching content, and they were not able to stand up to laptops in any respect. But it has clearly begun to change with the iPad computers from Apple.

Apple introduced a huge update to iPad tablets in 2018 with the release of the iPad Pro. This version was based on the high-performance A12 Bionic chip. This version was a huge success and popularity.

Pro versions of the iPad continued to receive improvements and improvements. But Apple eventually decided to support it with the leading M1 chipset to be on the level of MacBook computers. And besides. Apple introduced a major change to the operating system where the device became dependent on its own system iPadOS.

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Perhaps relying on the M1 chip leading on the one hand. The introduction of custom iPadOS, on the other hand, has helped shape this device’s distinctive identity. With the support of accessories such as the pen and keyboard, it is a direct alternative to tablet computers.

As it appears to us, Apple intended to develop its tablet computer in this way. Some also argue that it cares more about iPad production lines than MacBook computers. Also, many sources have described relying on the M1 chip in the iPad Pro as a waste of power.

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iPad Pro is more than just a PC alternative

iPad computers carry leading specifications in all respects. This is where the device comes with a screen measuring 12.9 inches with up to 1 TB of fast internal storage and 16 GB of RAM.

The device is generally characterized by the speed of use on the one hand, and the user interface on the other. The iPad is first and foremost a tablet, not an all-in-one computer. Therefore, its user interface may be attractive to a large segment of users.

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The device deals with daily tasks very quickly, such as opening applications or opening more than one application at the same time, as well as dealing with e-mail or photos.

There is no doubt that relying on the iPad with the appropriate accessories for this may make the device a daily alternative to the PC, and what distinguishes it more is the screen. The device is based on the flagship Liquid Retina XDR display.

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Indeed, the iPad Pro made an excellent alternative to laptops. However, it has surpassed it in some ways, such as its portability and light weight, but on the other hand it is still not suitable for handling professional tasks such as programming.

Advantages and disadvantages

iPad tablets offer a performance close to the performance of MacBook computers as mentioned above, especially in versions that support the M1 chip, and they are also easier to carry and move around. But iPads are still lagging behind when it comes to supporting certain types of apps.

This is because some tasks still require a PC in general. However, Apple continues to develop iPadOS little by little, and is expected to be an excellent alternative to macOS in the future. Apple has even started making programming on the iPad easier.

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On the other hand, iPad tablets support video editing work perfectly, as well as photo editing. This is done via LumaFusion and Lightroom, respectively. But the professional work of the PC.

But returning to the direct comparison, iPad laptops now offer the same experience as personal computers for the traditional user. If we compare the iPad with the MacBook directly, we find that the Apple tablet computer excels in the fact that its screen supports touch, provides fast frequency, and supports the stylus.

Therefore, a user of Apple tablets can have the same experience of using a personal computer as a MacBook. But the professional user may find some obstacles. On the other hand, and in light of Apple’s excellent ecosystem, having a tablet computer alongside a Mac increases productivity in light of the seamless communication between the two devices.

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