Windows 11 first update makes AMD CPU performance worse

Windows 11 first update makes AMD CPU performance worse
Windows 11 first update makes AMD CPU performance worse

AMD warned last week that its chips had performance issues in Windows 11, and now Microsoft’s first update to its new operating system should have made the problems worse. TechPowerUp Reports are seeing significantly higher latency, which means worse performance, after the Windows 11 update was launched yesterday.

AMD and Microsoft have found two issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors. Windows 11 can triple the level 3 cache latency, slowing performance by up to 15% in some games. The second problem affects AMD’s preferred core technology, which moves threads to the fastest processor core. AMD claims that this second bug can affect the performance of CPU-dependent tasks.

TechPowerUp It measured the L3 cache latency on my Ryzen 7 2700X at around 10 nanoseconds, and Windows 11 increased it to 17 nanoseconds. “It got even worse with the October 12 ‘Patch Tuesday’ update, which increased latency to 31.9 nanoseconds,” he said. TechPowerUp. This is a huge leap, and the exact kind of problem that AMD has warned about.

The fixes for both of my Ryzen issues are coming before the end of the month. The L3 cache issue will likely be fixed next week by Microsoft, with rumors suggesting October 19th to get a patch. The preferred core fix will be handled by the AMD driver, which is expected to ship later this month and hopefully be available on Windows Update when released.

It’s always surprising to see Windows 11 come with these issues, especially when Microsoft limited the number of supported processors for this new operating system. Bugs always occur with newer versions of the operating system, but such a pronounced effect on the performance of major processors should have been discovered during the months of public beta testing. Either way, it’s encouraging to see that this will be fixed very soon so those with poor performance won’t have to wait so long for the issue to be fixed.

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Windows update AMD CPU performance worse

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