How to see WhatsApp photos secretly without opening chat

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Cairo – Samia Sayed – A manual trick allows iPhone users to preview the image sent via WhatsApp without actually opening the chat, and this means that you can view a picture message without showing the sender that you have seen it, without leaving any imminent pressure to respond.

How to Secretly Open a WhatsApp Picture Message Unfortunately, this trick is only available to iPhone users at the moment according to Thesun.

You need to go to WhatsApp and exit all chats in order to go back to the main chats window.

Then select the chat you want to preview by pressing down and swiping left.

You should see a “More” option pop up.

Click on More and then click on Export Chat.

You can attach media to the chat and export everything.

Then click “Save to files”.

This means that you can save all images sent in a chat to an area on your device as well as all chat messages.

All that’s left to do is head to the section where you saved the chat and read it.

Similar tricks to trying to view content without the sender knowing

Most people try to avoid “read receipts” by simply using the Airplane mode method, which turns off the data so that the sender’s WhatsApp doesn’t know you’ve read a text.

But this method is not great, because as soon as you turn off Airplane mode, blue ticks appear – which means you have to stay offline.

You can also turn off read receipts completely, but then you won’t be able to see them from other users which is frustrating.

If you have a newer iPhone model, you can take advantage of something called 3D Touch.

The screen has an extra layer of touch sensitivity, so by pressing hard on the screen, you can view new options.

If you tap once on a WhatsApp chat, you will be taken directly to Messages.

But if you press hard and hold on a WhatsApp chat, you will get a full screen preview of what’s inside.

This allows you to read about a dozen of the most recent messages sent in this chat without turning on the WhatsApp blue ticks.

But be careful – if you press too hard you will be taken directly to the full chat window, and the sender’s blue ticks will appear.

Once done, simply let go and you will be taken back to the main chat window.

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