Video.. the first defects of the new iPad mini 6 appear

Video.. the first defects of the new iPad mini 6 appear
Video.. the first defects of the new iPad mini 6 appear

It didn’t take long for users to spot the first flaw in one of Apple’s recently announced devices, the iPad mini 6.

And the “Mac Roomer” website stated that immediately after the iPad mini 6 arrived in stores, users noticed what is known in the world of technology as “jelly clouds” on the tablet screen.

The gel cloud is a gray aura that appears on the touch screen of smart devices, and it is assumed that it results from prolonged use, or the screen is subjected to strong shocks.

On the other hand, the site stated that Apple confirmed the safety of the device, but a number of users continued to reveal their complaints about more problems with the LCD panel in the iPad mini 6, other than the crisis of gel drag, this time with color change and distortion.

A user supported his complaint on Reddit by publishing a video clip revealing the defect that was detected on the tablet screen, especially in the tablet units equipped with an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina LCD screen.

According to the report, the issues become more noticeable when iPadOS is set to dark mode and when the user touches the screen with slightly more pressure than usual, such as pressing and holding something.

However, so far, this does not appear to be a widespread hardware issue, and a few other users on Reddit have experienced it repeating the distortion on the iPad mini 6 LCD screen, while others say they haven’t encountered this issue.

Affected users can take their iPad mini to an Apple Store or repair center to order a replacement unit, according to MacRoomer.

Apple launched the iPad mini 6 tablet, which marked a new beginning, as Apple abandoned the traditional design of the original iPads.

Apple relied on the angular look of the iPad Pro and iPad Air models, as well as updating all the technical equipment, including the camera, screen, main processor and the Touch ID touch sensor to unlock the device located in the power button.

Although the new iPad mini 6 tablet is 8 mm shorter than the previous model, it has a larger screen, and its tech package includes an 8.3-inch screen, an increase of 1.7 cm over the previous model.

The screen has an extended color gamut (DCI-P3) compared to the previous model, and no reflections appear on the screen, except under direct sunlight; Due to the American company installing the glass layer directly above the screen panel.

A15 Bionic processor

Similar to the new iPhone 13 smartphone, the new iPad Mini 6 also includes the A15 Bionic processor, but the performance of the processor in the small tablet computer is less than the iPhone 13 Pro, but when compared to the larger iPad versions, the new iPad Mini 6 currently occupies its position Between the iPad Air 4 and the latest version of the iPad Pro.

With the availability of high performance, the new iPad mini 6 tablet computer can occupy a prominent position in the gaming world, which is dominated by the iPad Pro, but this device may cause fatigue for the player in the long run when carrying a large and heavy tablet, and this advantage becomes clear when comparing the weight of the tablet. The new iPad mini 6 weighs 293 grams with the iPad Pro models weighing 468 and 684 grams.

Photo and video quality

The small tablet features improvements in the quality of photos and videos, and the main camera works on the back with a 12-megapixel resolution, so the user can take clear and balanced photos, and the colors look bright and strong, in addition to the ability to record 4K videos at a speed of 60 frames per second.

data entry pen

The new iPad Mini 6 tablet computer supports the use of the Apple Pencil 2 data entry stylus, such as the iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro (as of 2018), and the data entry stylus is magnetically attached to the side of the tablet, and thus is charged wirelessly.

A USB-C port is a useful feature on the new iPad mini 6, especially for power users. This port can be used to connect camera chips, USB memory sticks, hard disks, or even a keyboard or external monitor.

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