Hellblade 2 may be shown at The Game Awards 2021 – Rumor

Hellblade 2 may be shown at The Game Awards 2021 – Rumor
Hellblade 2 may be shown at The Game Awards 2021 – Rumor

Yesterday, journalist Jeff Kelly announced that The Game Awards 2021 will kick off on December 9 with personal attendance, which means that it will not be a digital event. Today, rumors have begun to spread to games such as Hellblade 2.

As you know, the game was first announced at the 2019 Game Awards, and since that time, the audience has been waiting for the full reveal of the game by Ninja Theory to see what Senua’s adventures will look like in the second part, but Microsoft has not reviewed Hill Blade 2 since then and the game has been absent from All Xbox events.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, we may witness this time and at The Game Awards 2021 the unveiling of Hellblade 2. He believes that Microsoft will choose this game as one of the games for Xbox studios that it intends to display at the party.

The development team has previously explained that the upcoming game is not a direct sequel to the first part, and takes place in the ninth century in Iceland, and states that the battles and fighting style have been enhanced to be more brutal, not to mention the cooperation with Epic Games to provide better and more accurate animations.

Last June, a new behind-the-scenes video of the game’s development was released, and we learned at the time that it had not yet entered full production. The developer stated that they have finished a large part of the game, but they are not in full production yet because they are still researching and working with the actors to deliver all the elements perfectly and outperform the first part.

We also knew that the amazing rendering we saw at the Game of the Year 2019 Awards for the game was taken from inside Unreal Engine 5, and indeed that show was really interesting due to its closeness to reality in terms of the environment and the facial expressions of the characters.


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Hellblade shown Game Awards Rumor

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