Today’s news events | Report: Rising temperature is making the Earth an opaque mass

Today’s news events | Report: Rising temperature is making the Earth an opaque mass
Today’s news events | Report: Rising temperature is making the Earth an opaque mass

today’s events – A German magazine has warned that harmful and severe climate changes, the most important of which are the negative effects of the escalating global warming on Earth, are contributing to a decrease in the brightness of light on the planet, which makes the planet darker and darker than before.

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” said today, Friday, that the Earth no longer controls large amounts of light on its surface.

And she showed that with the dwindling of the reflective clouds in some areas of the planet, the planet became dark, and it reflected less sunlight than it did 20 years ago.

She pointed out that global warming has an effect on the brightness of the Earth, which makes the planet reflect less and less light, but the most likely cause of this worrying phenomenon is the increase in temperatures (warming) in the Pacific Ocean.

The German magazine reported that a new study recently prepared by the “Geophysical Research Letters” journal, in which the participating scientists evaluated the measurement data of solar radiation between 1998 and 2017; With the aim of “accurate determination of the daily, monthly, seasonal, annual and decadal changes in the albedo of the earth’s surface.”

According to the study, the degree of reflection, known as “albedo”, “accordingly decreased significantly in the past two decades, as the Earth today reflects about half a watt less per square meter than it did 20 years ago.” Most of the declines have occurred in the last three years, and as such, “the reduction in Earth’s reflectance can be determined to be around 0.5%. Normally, a planet reflects about 30% of incoming sunlight.”

“After almost unchanged albedo for 17 years, the decline in albedo came as a big surprise to us when we analyzed the data over the past three years,” lead researcher and study author Philip Good, who works at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, told SPIEGEL.

The amount of light that is reflected depends on the amount of light falling, in other words, on how bright the sun is. According to the study, there is no relationship between the changing “albedo” of the Earth and frequent regular changes in the brightness of the sun, and therefore, the “change in the reflection of the Earth is caused by developments on the Earth.” .

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