The advantages and disadvantages of the new iOS 15 for iPhone users

The advantages and disadvantages of the new iOS 15 for iPhone users
The advantages and disadvantages of the new iOS 15 for iPhone users

Apple announced the launch of a new iOS 15 feature for iPhone users in the keynote speech at this year’s Apple WWDC21 Developer Conference. iOS 15 includes significant improvements to FaceTime, making it a meeting competitor to apps, as well as major changes to managing alarms to better focus on the things that are important to users. Plus improvements to weather, maps, wallet apps and the Safari browser, with more privacy features and the ability to use Siri, without an internet connection.

New iOS 15 Features:

  1. Big Improvements and New Features in FaceTime: The FaceTime video chat app in iOS 15 has received major improvements and many new features, making it a competitor to video conferencing apps like Zoom.
  2. Spatial audio support: This allows for a more natural experience when making FaceTime video calls.
  3. Grid view: This allows people participating in a FaceTime call to be displayed in the same size box on the screen, providing the ability to have better conversations with more users, and it will automatically recognize the speaker to see who is always talking.
  4. Portrait mode: a mode that provides background blur effect during a video call, providing a more professional experience.
  5. Background Noise Isolation: Reduce background noise during a call, for example, when there is important music or important background sounds, a mode called “wide spectrum” can be used to restore ambient sound.
  6. Schedule a video call: Schedule a FaceTime video call and get a unique link to share with friends, family, colleagues via email, messages or even WhatsApp, so you can easily join the call by simply clicking on the link.
  7. Calls with Android and Windows users.
  8. Easily share content over FaceTime or during a call.
  9. Focus feature to avoid distraction.
  10. New design and new features: Apple redesigned the Safari browser in the new version of iOS 15, and made the tab bar smaller, which makes access easier and gives users more space to browse, and the browser provides the ability to collect tabs or open pages, a group similar to Chrome tab groups recently introduced by Google.

New iOS 15 Features Coming for iPhone Users

Cons of iOS 15:

  1. Facing multiple errors in the system.
  2. Some apps are not compatible with the new update, causing them to crash.
  3. Problems may occur during the installation process, resulting in serious consequences such as data loss (especially when trying to install the system manually without a developer account).
  4. If you are interested in the trial version, there is no jailbreak available.
  5. It cannot be backed up in the trial version.

Devices that will get the iOS 15 update:

  1. iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini phones.
  2. iPhone 11 series.
  3. iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr.
  4. Also, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Max.
  5. Series 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus.
  6. iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020.


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