FIFA: A fine and a match without an audience as a punishment for Hungary

FIFA has ordered Hungary to play its next World Cup qualifying match behind closed doors as a penalty for the latest racist abuse by its fans during the England match in Budapest.

The Hungarian federation also fined 200,000 Swiss francs, one of the largest financial fines imposed on a country by FIFA.

Reflecting a systemic problem of racism among Hungarian fans, the penalty for playing matches without an audience due to racism was imposed in qualifying matches for the 2014 and 2022 World Cups and Euro 2016.

The team will also have to play another match without an audience if similar incidents of abuse occur in the future, with the second match of the penalty suspended for a two-year probationary period.

Hungary’s September 2 match against England in Budapest would have been played behind closed doors if FIFA had asked for a penalty imposed by UEFA for discriminatory abuse in European Championship matches. The ban on the two matches will be applied next June during the Nations League.

However, Hungary will have to host Albania on October 9 in an empty stadium for its next World Cup qualifier.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee ruled that there had been “racist behavior by a number of fans” during this month’s England match, which was played in front of an audience of about 60,000 fans at the Puskas Stadium. England striker Raheem Sterling and bench player Judd Bellingham, both black, were shouted by monkeys.

FIFA added, “After analyzing and taking into account all the circumstances of the case, especially the seriousness of the facts (such as racist words and actions, throwing objects, igniting fireworks and closing the corridors of the stands), the committee decided that (Hungary) will play its next matches on its soil in the FIFA competitions without an audience, provided that it comment The second match is for a two-year probationary period.”

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FIFA fine match audience punishment Hungary

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