Tips for maintaining mental health at home and at work

Tips for maintaining mental health at home and at work
Tips for maintaining mental health at home and at work

London– The international magazine “L” revealed that some individuals find it difficult to resist stress and maintain their mental health, whether they are with the family, with others or at work, so a number of writers and experts tried to provide some tips that may help to feel better.

Andre Comte Sponville, author of The Philosophical Dictionary, finds it important to reinvest in the inner world.

“We must stop everything as soon as we turn off the computer or the TV, in moments of solitude we can see inside ourselves better, and with this very fact we can enter into a real relationship with others,” he said.

“Work is also a cure for depression,” Sponville added. “We are born to do and feel the need to get a result, to be useful to ourselves and to others, whether we work in humanitarian aid, or whether we grow cabbage.”

As for Natalie Goldberg, author of “Why Writing Makes You Happy,” she explained that “writing gives us a sense of calm, provided we make this moment a free time, to silence the censor in us. Freedom, moving away from the logic that controls us to give free rein to our spontaneity.”

Journalist Natasha Calastremy advises individuals to identify the place they dreamed of, saying, “The principle of imagination becomes a principle of reality, and the fact of projecting oneself into another reality makes it possible to remove the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our desires.”

And she added that we have to listen to our bodies as well, noting that the body often tells us if we are in good shape in a relationship or somewhere. High and wiping over our bodies at the same time, thus showing us the reactions of the body through the rise of the shoulders or the contraction of the jaw, so the body rarely lies.

Nicholas Rocher, a specialist in psychophysical rehabilitation, says, “Looking at the events that characterized our day is a way to discover what suits us, and what makes us feel good, by evaluating our emotions, guiding the situations and events that have passed us, which gives us the opportunity to think about doing the things that we have failed in. Different”.

Rocher recommends “modifying what we have been doing, such as the way we take every day to work, our way of communicating with our managers, armed with our confidence in our results, or the way we communicate with our friends,” noting that “putting yourself in different situations allows you to recognize your potential, and thus feel You are alive.”- (Agency)

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