“The Ministry of Health did not fulfill its promise to us, and we were shocked after our return to the Kingdom!” • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A number of graduates have asked the Ministry of Health to hire them, after they were sent as part of your mission program.

One of them, called Al-Waleed, said: “We were sent within the program of your job, your mission, and thank God we studied and excelled and obtained a master’s degree with honors, but we were shocked when we came back. They took our files and told us to wait.”

He added: “Every period we call to inquire about anything new. We are told to wait a month, and there is no credibility, and we demand our right.”

Al-Waleed explained that he holds a master’s degree in radiology, noting that what happened with them is a waste of state funds in scholarships, and the Ministry of Health was surprised that it did not fulfill its promise.

He indicated that if they offered them alternative jobs, all they were told was, “If I find a job as a soul.”


Ministry Health fulfill promise shocked return Kingdom Marsad newspaper

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