Oral and dental health graduates suffer in the labor market

Oral and dental health graduates suffer in the labor market
Oral and dental health graduates suffer in the labor market

We graduates of oral and dental health are still suffering in the labor market, as job opportunities for our specialization are very rare in the private sector, and the doors are still closed regarding government employment, where we work mainly. It becomes clear to us that one of the main reasons for this problem is drought and lack of demand in the labor market The University of Bahrain has accepted large numbers of optimistic and ambitious students for our majors to serve the country without conducting any survey or study of the labor market conditions and needs, which led to the creation of this dilemma, and the university was not aware of the resources available in it for specialization, as the number of accepted students It was beyond the existing capabilities, the available equipment, and the available training facilities, which illustrates the essence of this predicament, which is the negligence of the university administration about the status of specialization, whether in the labor market or within it.

We also learned that one of the plans of the modern university is to cancel the specialization and abandon it without finding useful and serious solutions for the graduates, who numbered 39 people, so we find ourselves lost towards an unknown fate without any initiatives to move forward and even destroy our ambition to develop ourselves by obtaining advanced degrees to contribute to the development of our country Dear and build it, as we hope the management of the University of Bahrain to open the fields for postgraduate studies, starting with the bachelor’s degree.

For some solutions, such as our work as a dental assistant, it is unfair to us; Because of our university studies for a period of 3 to 4 years, in which we learned to assume the responsibility of dealing with the auditors, managing the clinic, developing a treatment plan for the auditors and applying the treatment. on what we have learned and threatens to lose skills and information. This is in addition to the fact that this is in contravention of Cabinet Resolution No. (24) of 2016 and Resolution of the Supreme Council of Health No. (23) of 2017.

With regard to opening our own clinic or any project related to our specialty, this is almost impossible at the present time. Because these projects require large capital and a name in the market, and with the large number of competitors, it will be difficult for newly graduated students to compete with experienced clinic owners and a big name in the labor market, in addition to what we mentioned regarding capital.

We appeal to officials to find quick, acceptable and appropriate solutions to our great dilemma that is bleeding in our chests for a life that will not return. One of the proposed solutions is to employ us in the Ministry of Health, which has been closed for years in the face of our specialization, or to issue a law like our neighbor, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which makes the specialists perform their job duties. And make them focus on it, which contributes positively to the health of the community and serves the 2030 vision in a healthy society enjoying sustainable and high-quality health care and will contribute to our employment to serve this dear country.

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