Insurance policies will shrink for some, and the Ministry of Health has to price medical supplies like medicines

The head of the Syndicate of Insurance Companies Owners, Elie Nisnas, explained, “We price according to the bills that come to us,” noting that “the lifting of subsidies took place in a chaotic manner, and even hospitals do not know what is subsidized and what is not, and for this reason there are large hospital differences.” .

He pointed out, in a television interview, that “the insurance policy offerings were large and comprehensive, and they will be reduced for some people, in a way that is in line with their purchasing capabilities,” stressing that “we have witnessed chaos and demagoguery during the past 3 months, and the Ministry of Public Health should price medical supplies as Medicines are priced, so that there is transparency.”

Nisnas pointed out that “insurance companies caught an average of 2,700 pounds to the dollar, and today the problem has become big after the rise in the exchange rate, and that’s why hospitals are asking for a big difference over insurance companies’ coverage,” calling for “a clear solution between the citizen and the insurance companies, and no one was Predict what happened.”


Insurance policies shrink Ministry Health price medical supplies medicines

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