A promising treatment that fights aging and delays its occurrence

A promising treatment that fights aging and delays its occurrence
A promising treatment that fights aging and delays its occurrence

As a person ages, tissue accumulates called senescent cells, which no longer have the ability to divide and instead accelerate their aging process.

By examining the issue of “herniated disc”, in which the patient feels back pain, scientists have found that anti-aging drugs that remove these destroyed cells can prevent the deterioration that occurs in the body as it ages.

According to the “newatlas” website, this opens the way for a new treatment that is free of opioids that lead to addiction, and at the same time is able to treat back pain in humans.

Since its introduction in 2015, anti-aging drugs that target aging cells have shown promising results in anti-aging research efforts.

The new generation of these drugs has been able to extend the lifespan of mice, but their greatest potential lies in increasing how long we spend in good health.

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The problems that affect the back in conjunction with aging, and contradict the idea of ​​good health for a long time, but scientists were able to break this equation by conducting more experiments.

Chronic back pain is associated with deteriorating discs in the spine (herniated disc) that often occur in the lower back, although it can also occur in the neck.

The traditional treatment for this condition was surgery or steroid injections, but the problem with these treatments is that they are not suitable for everyone, and sometimes have limited effectiveness.

Also, opioid-based pain relievers are powerful and effective, but they have a risk of addiction.

The problem with aging cells is that they do a lot of damage to neighboring tissues by secreting harmful enzymes, and anti-aging drugs try to create a new healthy space in which new cells can grow, while improving their function.

“Just because drugs work in one tissue, this doesn’t mean they will work in another tissue as well, every tissue is different,” says the new study’s author, a professor at Thomas Jefferson University, Macarand Risbaud.

The study team conducted experiments on small, medium and elderly mice, which consisted of giving them a week’s mixture of anti-aging drugs consisting of “dasatinib” and “quercetin”.

The treatment did have an effect, but not in the way the scientists expected.

The researchers initially expected that the drugs would have the most profound effect on older animals, because they contain senescent cells, but surprisingly, it was the younger animals that benefited the most.

The results showed that the young or middle-aged mice had fewer senescent cells than the control group that was given a placebo.

“The treatment was most effective when we started treating the mice when those senescent cells were just beginning to emerge,” Risbaud said. “Our findings show that if antisenile drugs are given early, disc degeneration can actually be slowed. This is a new preventative approach. “.

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promising treatment fights aging delays occurrence

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