Adoption of a new genetic drug for the treatment of lung cancer

Adoption of a new genetic drug for the treatment of lung cancer
Adoption of a new genetic drug for the treatment of lung cancer

The President of the Emirates Cancer Society and Chairman of the Second Medical Conference on Cancer Oncology, Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi, stated that a new drug has been approved to treat lung cancer in the country, after its approval in the United States of America, explaining that it is a gene therapy, benefiting 13% of lung cancer patients with lung cancer. advanced cases.

Al Shamsi said in a press statement on the sidelines of the Second Medical Conference on Cancer Oncology, that the innovative drug called “LUMAKRAS” is the latest in the world, and helps the recovery and recovery process to a large extent.
He stated that breast cancer tops the list of the most prevalent cancerous diseases in the country, with 15-40% of patients under the age of fifty, compared to 60% over fifty, 90% of cases are due to unclear reasons, and 10% are genetic reasons, in addition to obesity and smoking in particular. Among young people, noting that 27% of young people suffer from obesity.
Al Shamsi pointed out that breast, colon and prostate cancer are the most common types of cancer in the country.
He stressed that about 86% of cancer diseases can be treated within the country, without the need to receive treatment abroad, while the remaining percentage requires bone marrow transplants, expecting that the percentage of cases that require treatment outside the country will reach 5% in the coming years, especially after the availability of surgeries. Bone marrow transplantation at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, and these cases require rare surgical interventions.
He added that recommendations have been developed to improve the treatment of cancer patients in the UAE, and presented to the competent authorities for approval, expecting that the coming period will witness more steps related to the application of these treatment protocols.
The conference will be held in the presence and participation of more than 5,000 specialists from medical, radiological and surgical specialties, in person and virtual, at the InterContinental Festival City Hotel, Dubai. for the conference.
The two-day conference discussed the latest developments in cancer treatment with specialists from the Gulf region, the Arab world, Europe, the United States and Canada, including the latest methods of treating colon cancer in advanced stages using immune and smart treatments without chemotherapy, which is one of the latest types of cancer treatment that relieves cancer. A side effect of chemotherapy.

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