“Best quality” .. a new feature from “WhatsApp” to send photos and videos

“Best quality” .. a new feature from “WhatsApp” to send photos and videos
“Best quality” .. a new feature from “WhatsApp” to send photos and videos

The WhatsApp social networking application is developing a new feature that allows users to bypass the step of compressing annoying large images and videos, and send them easily and with the best possible quality through the application.
The new feature called “best quality” is likely to join the “automatic” and “data saving” options in any new version of the application.
It appears that users will eventually have the option to either compress photos and videos in order to save data consumption and then send them with the best available quality, or allow WhatsApp to automatically select the optimal level of file compression.
These settings were provided in an update to the WhatsApp application that was sent to the Google Play Beta Program Google Play service and was monitored by the “WA Beta Info” website.
It is possible that the new feature will be released to the public through the new version of the WhatsApp application for Android devices, although it is not yet clear when this step will be taken, according to the “TechCrunch” website, which specializes in technology issues.
It is possible to provide a feature similar to the version for devices running the “iOS” operating system as well, as the WhatsApp application used to provide all the features for users of both operating systems.
This feature is expected to be good news for those who do not use large file-sending applications via iOS or Android, and mostly exchange photos and videos with their loved ones.


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