“Facebook” .. a new name and a new plan

“Facebook” .. a new name and a new plan
“Facebook” .. a new name and a new plan

In a recent article published by The Verge, The Verge stated that Facebook intends to change its name next week to express its focus on building the concept of “Metaverse” (multiverses) to indicate its ambition for fame in areas other than social media, where it plans Mark Zuckerberg to talk about this change at the company’s annual Communications Conference on October 28.

It is possible that this change is a pretext to get rid of the issues facing the company, especially after the anti-monopoly organization attempted to dismantle the company, in addition to the decline in public confidence in it due to one of the female employees leaking documents harmful to the company and testifying before Congress. But Facebook is not the first company to change its name to express new ambitions, as Google reshaped itself in 2015 under Alphabet (AlphabetHoldings with the aim of conveying to people that Google is not just a search engine.

Although no information was disclosed regarding the new Facebook company name, some predicted the possibility of changing the name to “Horizon” (Horizon), which Facebook launched on the virtual reality version of the program similar to the “Roblox” platform (Roblox), where Facebook has been developing this version for a few years, noting that the name of the application has become (HorizonWorlds), after Facebook released a version (HorizonWorkrooms) Pilot collaboration in the workplace.

It is noteworthy that Facebook previously announced the promotion of the head of augmented reality and virtual reality, Andrew Bosworth, to the position of CEO of the technology department, in addition to announcing its intention to hire 10,000 employees to work on achieving the concept of “Metaverse” in Europe, knowing that Facebook should explain this concept better. Because it contains ambiguity.


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