Bitcoin rebounds and crosses the $60,000 mark

Bitcoin rebounds and crosses the $60,000 mark
Bitcoin rebounds and crosses the $60,000 mark

How much has Bitcoin grown?

4.14% to $60.36 thousand.

What is the highest price for Bitcoin?

In April, it was $64.85 thousand.

The price of the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” crossed the $60,000 barrier, for the first time since last April, with a 4% growth.

The price of the currency rose, on Friday, on the “Binance” platform, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, by 4.14% to reach $59.97 thousand, exceeding this number to $60.36 thousand.

According to the portal CoinMarketCap, which calculates the average price for more than 20 exchanges, the price of bitcoin is now up 4.24 percent, to $59.83 thousand.

Since the beginning of the month, the bitcoin price has risen by 37% from $43.82 thousand. The cryptocurrency price returned to growth after a September drop of 7%, which was followed by two consecutive months of growth in value in July and August, totaling nearly 35%.

In April, the price of the coin reached a historic record high of $64.85 thousand. Hence, the cost of cryptocurrency at the moment is only 7.4% lower than the historical record.

Bitcoin is a decentralized encrypted digital currency based on blockchain technology, and this system is characterized by the limited number of its currencies and the absence of any manager for it.


Bitcoin rebounds crosses mark

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