Jeep Lexus lx 2022 specifications and specifications.. The Queen of the desert and the city

The new Lexus LX 2022 Jeep was officially launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the LX600 is a sophisticated design and a new engine that is smaller, but more efficient and powerful, and the car will be with new changes both outside and inside.

Lexus lx 2022 jeep specifications:

The car has an exterior design, with a horizontal front grille of seven floating bars hollow in the middle to improve engine cooling, larger air intakes, and has smaller headlights, three-dimensional daytime running lights, and no fog lights in the front bumper.

The car is considered a masterpiece from the inside, and the larger screen focuses on the camera display and audio settings, the smaller screen is used for climate control and vehicle information, and the infotainment system is with voice assistant, user profiles, cloud support and over-the-air updates.

Features of the Lexus LX 600 Sport Edition:

There is a front grille surrounded by black chrome, with exclusive 22-inch aluminum wheels, with leather sports seats, with a leather steering wheel with a console to improve control and stability, and electric power steering.

It also has an adaptive variable suspension system with uniquely tuned dampers, an exclusive Torsen limited-slip differential to improve performance, and a more impressive frame and shape.

Lexus LX 600 VIP Features:

It has two separate rear seats, with curved headrests, back, and pillows that gently wrap around the head, and the seats contain a soft urethane material to help curb unwanted movement with a massage function.

The rear console contains a small screen, which is used to control the seats, in addition to controlling the climate, and the car comes equipped with air conditioning vents on the roof, and it comes with rear curtains and reading lights.

The initial price of the car will be about 90,000 US dollars, equivalent to 337.5 Saudi riyals.

jeep lexus lx 2022

jeep lexus lx 2022

jeep lexus lx 2022

jeep lexus lx 2022

jeep lexus lx 2022

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