NeuroBlade has raised $ 83 million to accelerate data processing on the server farms of the future

The start-up company NeuroBlade from Tel Aviv has completed a $ 83 million B round of funding, led by Corner Ventures The American, which brings the company’s total fundraising so far to $ 110 million. The capital raised will enable NeuroBlade to expand its overseas sales, support and marketing development and organization teams.

In recent years, the amount of information collected by organizations has increased exponentially, thus intensifying the difficulty of computer systems in analyzing and extracting insights from information. Neuroblade has developed a new architecture for data processing and analysis (Data Analytics), which removes significant bottlenecks that slow down data processing, by integrating processing capabilities within the memory itself, in a technology called processing-in-memory (PIM).

PIM has been a coveted target of the industry for decades, and Neuroblade is the first company in the world to turn this technology into a commercial product. Neuroblade’s Data Analytics Accelerator combines its PIM technology with hardware, software and algorithms into a comprehensive system installed on server farms and accelerates calculations in a way that changes the industry.

“We have developed a new building block in computer architecture, with the help of which organizations will be able to better leverage the information available to them, extract broader insights, provide a faster response to their customers, thus refining and improving their business operations,” said Elad City, CEO and co-founder Of NeuroBlade. “We are just beginning to realize the potential of technology, and the capital raised will help us turn more revolutionary ideas into products that will help our customers realize their goals and create a better world for all of us.”

Current system architectures have to deal with incessant transfer of data between storage, memory and central processing, which is the main reason for poor performance and long response times in information-saturated applications. Neuroblade has identified that these architectures are not scalable enough to meet the data analysis needs of today and those of the future. This insight has led the company to build an architecture that eliminates the need for data transmission. The new architecture performs the information processing in the place where it is stored, thus setting a new standard of data processing speed, shortening the time for insights for the customer.

“The past year has presented unprecedented challenges to the world’s data centers, thanks to which the world has continued to function at extremely critical times. The market is facing huge growth and we believe NeuroBlade faces a very promising journey,” said Lance Weaver, vice president and chief executive of the data center group At Intel. “Intel is proud to support the NeuroBlade platform, with our extensive technology portfolio. We look forward to continuing to work with NeuroBlade and maximizing end-to-end computing speed.”

“More than half of the data in the world has been created in the last two years and organizations are facing a growing challenge of analyzing and processing data on a large scale,” said Tal Slobodkin, managing partner at StageOne. “Organizations are increasingly relying on rapid data analysis to improve results, but the data volume that needs to be moved far exceeds the capabilities of existing architectures. Neuroblade has provided a solution that accelerates high-performance data analytics to speeds never seen before.”

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