Who is the Chinese hacker “Sun Ji Su” Wikipedia

Who is the Chinese hacker “Sun Ji Su” Wikipedia
Who is the Chinese hacker “Sun Ji Su” Wikipedia

The Chinese hacker “Sun Ji Su” has topped the famous search engines and Twitter platforms during the past minutes, after disabling WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook today 2021 in all countries of the world, amid questions among activists about the details of this information.

Various media reported that the 13-year-old Chinese hacker, “Sun Jisu” responsible for stopping the services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, is 13 years old. Chinese.

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During the past hours, the pioneers of social networking sites turned to Twitter after disabling WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook for more than 3 hours in the world, as Facebook expected that it would solve the crisis within the next 24.

Users of the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook applications were surprised by their sudden failure, especially when using images, voice messages, and written conversations.

For its part, the British newspaper The Independent said that it is rare for such a malfunction that affects the three most used applications in the world (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram).

She added, “Facebook is usually vague by explaining the reasons for the failure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook today, and it does not intend to come up with a clarification about technical problems even after solving them.”

It is considered the most famous social media, and it can be defined as a large social network, and it is managed by Facebook, a joint stock company. Users can join networks organized by the city, business, school, or region to connect and interact with others. Also, users can add friends to their friends list, send messages to them, and also update their profiles and introduce themselves to friends. The name of the site refers to the photo directory that colleges and preschools in the USA provide to faculty and new students, which includes a description of campus members as a way of getting to know them.

Facebook was co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg with Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, who majored in computer science and were Zuckerberg’s dorm roommates when he was a student at Harvard. Membership of the site was initially limited to Harvard students, but then expanded to other colleges in Boston, Ivy League and Stanford University. The site then expanded to include any college student, then high school students, and finally anyone aged 13 and over. The site currently has more than one billion users globally. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Facebook over the past few years. The use of the site has been banned in many countries during varying periods, as happened in Syria and Iran. The use of the site has also been banned in many employers to discourage employees from wasting their time using this service. Also, criticism of Facebook represented concerns about maintaining privacy as one of the problems faced by the site’s visitors, and these matters were often settled between the two parties to the dispute. Facebook is also facing several lawsuits from a number of Zuckerberg’s former associates who allege that Facebook relied on stealing their main code and some other intellectual property.

Facebook was launched as an unexpected product of Harvard University’s “Facemach”, a Hot or Not site that relies on posting photos of a group of people and then choosing the site’s pioneers for the most attractive person. Mark Zuckerberg created FaceMatch on October 28, 2003, when he was attending Harvard University as a sophomore. Meanwhile,

Mark Zuckerberg

According to the Harvard Crimson, FaceMatch “used collages from an online photo directory of nine college-town students with two pictures next to each other and inviting users to choose the ‘most attractive’ person.” The site, it resorted to hacking into protected areas of Harvard University’s computer network, and copied pictures of students in the university residence. The other one,” Zuckerberg said in his personal blog. “But one thing is for sure, and I did something stupid when I started that site. Anyway someone else would have done it in the end….” The site was quickly redirected to several campus servers, but was shut down a few days later by Harvard University’s administration. Zuckerberg was accused by the university’s administration Zuckerberg set up Facebook on thefacebook.com in the second half of the same school year, and in the second half of the same school year, Zuckerberg founded Facebook on thefacebook.com. On January 4, 2004, Zuckerberg told the Harvard Crimson, “Everyone has been talking about Harvard’s Global Image Catalog.” “I think it’s ridiculous that it takes two years for the university to do such work. I can do it a lot better than them and in just a week.” Membership of the site was initially limited to Harvard College students, Harvard’s oldest college, and within the first month of the site being made available, more than half of the students who had not yet graduated from Soon after, Eduardo Saverin (the company’s CEO), Dustin Moskovitz (programmer), Andrew McCollum (grapher), and Chris Hughes joined Zuckerberg to help him develop the site. In March of 2004, Facebook opened its doors In front of Stanford, Columbia and Yale Universities After that, the site expanded more and opened its doors to all Boston colleges and Ivy League, and little by little it became available to many universities in Canada and the USA In June of 2004, the headquarters of Facebook was moved to Palu Aalto, Calif. The company dropped the word the from its name after purchasing the domain name facebook.com in 2005 for $200,000. Facebook released a version for high schools in September 2005, which Zuckerberg referred to as The next logical step. During this period, high school networks needed an invitation to join the site. After that, the site made it possible for employees from many companies to sign up, including the combined Apple and Microsoft. On September 26, 2006, the site opened its doors to all individuals aged thirteen and over with a valid e-mail address. In October 2008, Facebook announced that Dublin, the capital of Ireland, would be its international headquarters. In December 2013, Facebook added a dislike icon derived from the famous “Like” icon. The dislike icon was among a new set of icons released by Facebook for use through the instant messaging application available for several platforms or via private messages from the same site.

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