Collaboration: Super-Pharm and Paz-Yellow – all the time

Collaboration: Super-Pharm and Paz-Yellow – all the time
Collaboration: Super-Pharm and Paz-Yellow – all the time

LifeStyle credit card customers (Lifestyle) enjoy a regular discount on refueling at Paz stations and washing cars at attractive prices, and users of the yellow widget can use the money accumulated for purchases in the Super-Pharm network.

SuperPharm, the leading pharmacy chain in Israel and the controlling owner of the Lifestyle Club and Yellow (“Yellow”), the largest convenience store chain in Israel from the “Paz” company in Israel, has joined a first strategic collaboration of its kind.

As part of the collaboration signed by the two companies, the forces of the two’s customer clubs combine so that SuperPharm’s LifeStyle credit card customers enjoy a fixed discount of 30 ag per liter on full refueling at Paz stations, and a significant discount on washing their private car in addition to regular accrual on each refueling in the app. yellow. Paz has a nationwide deployment of about 240 convenience and refueling complexes, with 140 of them providing car wash services.

Yellow app users can pay with the money accumulated in yellow’s digital wallet, for the first time, also in the Super-Pharm network.

This collaboration has led yellow’s digital wallet – the first and leading digital wallet in Israel – to be the first to go out of the retailer’s complexes and allow its holders to use the money they have also accumulated in the Super-Pharm network.

Even before that, the yellow app was used for non-contact payment in the Mini yellow autonomous container network, in the yellow convenience parking network, in the yellow market network, in washing Paz wash cars and in the Yellow Box and now also outside the Paz group. In addition, and in accordance with the agreement, the companies will continue to explore options for expanding the strategic cooperation between them, focusing on the areas of digital and customer loyalty.

How It Works?

Super Pharm’s cash registers interface technologically with the yellow app, so that a customer who wants to ‘unload’ the cash accumulated in the yellow app is given a 6-digit code at the Super Pharm cash register that appears on the home screen in the app. After entering the account, the money is transferred from the yellow digital wallet to the Super-Pharm box office and deleted from the basket in the app.

Paz’s refueling stations are technologically interfacing with the Lifestyle customer club, so that a Lifestyle customer who pays at the refueling / rinsing station with the Lifestyle card receives a discount of 30 cents per liter from the full refueling price. For refuelers with a lifestyle card in the Yellow app, there is also a 10% accrual. When washing the car with the Yellow app in which the Lifestyle card is entered, it will be charged directly as stated. External rinsing will be charged at NIS 9.90 instead of NIS 30 and indoor and outdoor rinsing will cost NIS 29.90 instead of NIS 55.

When will it work?

The collaboration began in June 2021, after the implementation and development processes between the two clubs were completed, and will later expand to additional benefits.

About Lifestyle:

The Lifestyle Club was established in 1997 by Super-Pharm and in collaboration with Isracard and was the first customer club

Credit card based. Along with benefits and special coupons at Super-Pharm, 600,000 Lifestyle customers enjoy a variety of discounts and dedicated benefits at other businesses. In addition, the club offers unique events for the whole family and a variety of benefits that change every month.

About app yellow

The yellow app was launched in July 2018 and was one of the first to introduce the next generation of digital wallets in Israel. The app allows users to refuel comfortably and easily on arrival at the station, by entering a 4-digit code, a method that allows users to also perform ‘remote refueling’ for another person, without a physical presence at the station. In addition to each refueling, the user enjoys an accumulation of money, 10 ag per liter, which he can redeem at the yellow convenience store chain at the stations. The app also allows digital payment, without contact, in the store network, where even in this case the user enjoys a recurring accumulation of 10% of the purchase value. The money accumulated was collected in the “basket” in the app, which opened when it reached NIS 50. The yellow app also works without the need for touch in the mini yellow – for making purchases at the autonomous grocery store in the residential building.

In addition, users of the app benefit from alternating and attractive weekly promotions and even a digital coffee card that gives a cup of coffee as a gift for every purchase of 5 cups of coffee.

about yellow

The Yellow convenience store chain was established in 1999 with the aim of making the Israeli driver’s life more comfortable and giving him additional solutions when he arrives at the “Paz” gas stations, which are located on major arteries. Today, the chain has about 240 convenience stores, most of which operate 24 hours a day and is the leading convenience store chain in the country. In yellow stores you can regularly find a wide range of solutions for everyday needs: quality coffee, sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks, dairy products, cellular accessories, camping equipment, electrical products and more. In the yellow market supermarket chain, you can also find a wide variety of grocery products, fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries, toiletries and more that allow you to buy everything you need for the home easily and conveniently 24/7. Paz also recently launched muni yellow as an autonomous container chain in non-contact residential buildings, using yellow’s digital wallet.

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