Synopsis Announces Reliability Analysis Solution Using Synopsys PrimeSim

Signoff process with reliability analysis throughout the life cycle and certification for chip manufacturing plants prevents over-planning and costly engineering changes in late design stages in the automotive, aerospace, security, medical and communications industries in 5G

Synopsis Announces Reliability Analysis Solution Using Synopsys PrimeSim.

Key points in the announcement:

  • A unified workflow of proven technologies provides high-performance reliability analysis throughout the life of the product, while complying with standards such as ISO 26262
  • Combination with PrimeSim ™ Continuum solution allows continuous use of leading simulators for electromigration / voltage drop analysis, obsolescence of MOS (Metal Oxide Silicon) transistors, Monte Carlo high-sigma meta-simulation, analog failure, and other reliability analyzes
  • Integration into the PrimeWave design environment ™ Provides a consistent workflow of reliability verification, enabling analysis of weaknesses, visualization of results, and investigation of what-if scripts

Several leading semiconductor companies have adopted Synopsis’ new Reliability Analysis PrimeSim solution (NASDAQ: SNPS), which combines proven manufacturing analysis technologies and is licensed for use in chip manufacturing plants for analog, mixed signal and full custom design. This is in order to accelerate the meeting of time targets for the reliability of high-convergent designs for mission-critical applications.

The combination with the PrimeSim ™ Continuum solution provides a rich array of market-leading simulation and analysis technologies in order to accelerate reliability analysis across the product life cycle. The solution enables an exhaustive assessment of reliability for failures in the early, intermediate and end-of-life failures of the product, so design engineers can minimize engineering change orders (ECOs) and defects that have escaped detection in later design stages, and improve safety, reliability and design performance. With enhanced silicon correlation for next-generation, domain-specific architectures designed for complex applications in the automotive, aerospace, security, medical, and wireless 5G industries.

Holistic, cohesive and high-performance reliability verification

The need for safety and reliability has become a top order in critical applications of integrated circuits across areas such as automotive, aerospace, medicine and medicine, which require low levels of defects often measured in the number of defective parts out of a billion (DPPB), higher functional safety, including compliance with industry standards Such as ISO 26262, as well as higher long-term reliability in harsh operating conditions. High coherence of integrated circuits adds another layer of analysis complexity due to the combination of multi-functional design and technologies on the same system on a chip (SoC) or the same system in a chassis (SIP).

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis solution includes standard speed technologies and machine-driven technologies that provide significant acceleration for high-sigma leaf cell characterization, static circuit testing, resistance to power-to-network ratio integrity, electromigration and voltage signoff analysis, analysis

Obsolescence of MOS (Metal Oxide Silicon) transistors as well as test coverage analysis using simulation of analog failures. PrimeSim Reliability Analysis technologies have been certified by TSMC and licensed by the chip manufacturing plant of Samsung, Intel and GlobalFoundries, and they deliver high performance while maintaining a high level of quality results.

The PrimeSim Reliability Analysis solution provides cohesive reliability validation across early, intermediate and late-stage use scenarios, thus addressing the industry’s need to produce safe, reliable, high-coherence designs. Complementing this solution is the solutions of the Synopsys Silicon Lifecycle Management Platform, which provides reliability monitoring, analysis and treatment of comprehensive errors after silicon design.

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis technologies are part of the Synopsys Custom Design platform that is ISO 26262 TCL1 certified and can be used reliably to verify functional safety for ASIL D. Applications. Of reliability verification and enables unified simulation management, weakness analysis, visualization of results and testing of what-if scripts. All of these technologies are ready for implementation in the cloud, with optimization for public cloud platform environments and container environments.

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