The stock flew in Tel Aviv after it managed to destroy the corona in closed spaces

Company Ora Smart Air , Which deals with the field of air quality in closed places, published today (Sunday) Positive results in an experiment to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 corona virus carried in the air in enclosed spaces, using the air purification system it has developed (Aura Air).

The results of the experiment show that the system reduced the presence of the virus in the air by 99.998% within an hour (in a space measuring 2.5 by 2.5 meters, and a ceiling height of 3 meters). The company noted that after 30 minutes from the start of the experiment the system had already been found to be effective in reducing 87.37% of the virus in the air.

As of this writing, the company’s stock is trading at a 23% increase in trading volume several times larger than usual. The share price now reflects a market value of about NIS 225 million.

The trial was conducted at the Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory in California, which is approved for BSL-3 safety testing – which requires stringent practices, special safety equipment and spaces specifically designed according to the US CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines to allow the laboratory to perform pathogenic experiments. For severe or fatal disease to humans through the respiratory tract.

The aim of the experiment was to perform a simulation as close as possible to a real-life situation in which the virus spreads aerosolically inside an enclosed space and to determine the effectiveness of the company device in purifying the virus in enclosed spaces, in a way that allows the aerosol chain to be cut off.

The controlling shareholders in the company are the brothers Eldar and Aviad Schneiderman, who each hold 25.75% of the company’s fully diluted. Aviad Schneiderman holds the position of CEO of the company, while his brother Eldar serves as VP of its technologies.

The company submitted a prospectus for its IPO last May and it began trading in Tel Aviv in June. Since then, the stock has jumped 36%.


stock flew Tel Aviv managed destroy corona closed spaces

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