Designing a game of gold and silver to calm the nerves .. Know the price “video”

The Russian news network indicated that the game was designed as a gift to a businessman, and came in the form of a head made of gold and silver, decorated with large orange eyes.

For his part, the game designer, Al-Sayegh, said: “I had no idea what the game would look like, there were a lot of options available, but they were all boring. The eyes were made of rubber, and the mask was made of 50 grams of gold and 40 grams of silver.

The game in the form of a face

In another context, a rare and sealed copy of the game was sold The Legend of Zelda original from Nintendo In an auction of $870,000, setting a record for the most expensive video game, the company sold Heritage Auctions In Dallas the unopened game, it’s one of many coveted vintage console games at Heritage’s first video game auction.

precious game

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, a copy of Zelda, housed in a plastic box, rated 9.0 out of Wata Games, a game classification company, and the version sold is a model No Rev-A Round SOQ, which was produced in late 1987, before being replaced by Rev-A in 1988.

Indicates SOQ The round indicates that it has a round seal of quality (SOQ)Compared to the oval seal used in later versions, she said Valarie McLeckie Specialized in video games in Heritage Auctions In a statement: “I had great faith in this game, however, I still feel that the reality of today’s bidding has gone beyond my vision of how to play it,” adding, “Making history is never easy… I’m really proud to be a part of this again.” .

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