A German power plant stopped operating due to the global energy crisis

A German power plant stopped operating due to the global energy crisis
A German power plant stopped operating due to the global energy crisis

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Stockholm – dpa: The global energy crisis has forced the German company Stege to stop operating a power plant after it ran out of coal.
The company said in a statement, emailed to Bloomberg News Agency, that it closed the Bergkamen-a-Plant in the western part of the country this week due to a shortage of coal.
Bloomberg notes that this shutdown of the plant is the first indication that Europe may need to rely on mild weather and winds to save energy as the continent faces a shortage of natural gas and coal is unlikely to come to its rescue.
Energy prices are rising from the United States of America to Europe and Asia, as economies begin to recover from the recession caused by the Corona epidemic and employees return to work from offices.
The agency explains that the severe shortage of energy prompted the Chinese government to demand state-owned companies to secure supplies at any cost. The shortage has also prompted Europe to consume more of its already depleted stock of the dirtiest fossil fuels, a move that could complicate climate talks next month.
“We are short on coal,” said Daniel Muehlenfeld, a spokesman for Steg. “There is strong demand for coal per se, and secondly, there is strong demand for barges. Since there is no railway in Bergkamen, there are no logistical alternatives available here.”
European utilities have already switched to coal due to a shortage of natural gas, and recently turned to the spot market to secure shipments and even demand more supplies from Russia.
The Bergkamen-a-Plant has stopped operating four times in September for up to six days each time due to external factors, according to filings. Three other German coal plants also stopped working on Friday for maintenance.


German power plant stopped operating due global energy crisis

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