Iron prices today, Friday, in iron factories 1-10-2021

Iron prices stabilized at the beginning of trading today, Friday 10/1-2021, in the armament companies, as these prices came according to the latest updates of the iron markets, which reflect all expectations of a decline in the price locally, while iron agents reported today that prices are completely stable. In addition to the change in iron prices, according to the Building Materials Exchange or its official website, the price of a ton of Ezz Steel reached about 14,600 pounds, to be delivered on the factory land, even the highest price in Egypt, which is the largest market share in the sale.

Iron prices today, Friday

One of the iron traders said that the ton at the Ezz Steel Factory will reach the consumer at a price of 14,850 pounds, including the freight for transporting goods from the factory to the consumer, which is the highest in Egypt, and the price may change for the border governorates and Upper Egypt and become higher by about 100 pounds, adding that all traders were waiting to reduce prices in the market To stimulate sales in light of the terrible stagnation that the market has been experiencing in the last few months, as a result of the application of building requirements.

Iron today, Friday 10/1-2021

He explained that everyone was waiting for the price to decline locally against the backdrop of the global decline, but the prices disappointed everyone in light of the terrible decline in sales now and the increase in burdens on merchants and dealers, explaining that the price continued at the same levels four months ago, so that the last increase in iron prices was announced. Iron prices rose by 6.6% during the month of July, compared to last April, according to the Building Materials Price Bulletin.


Iron prices today Friday iron factories

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