The head of the division clarifies the date of the rise in gold prices.. an opportunity to buy

Gold prices have decreased since the end of last August, as the price of a gram of 21 karat gold, which is the most prevalent caliber in the local markets, decreased from the amount of 792 pounds and up to 763 pounds per gram by the end of the current month of September.

As the gram of gold lost about 29 pounds of its value, amid fears of the continued decline in the prices of the precious metal, which is what preoccupies many investors, who consider it a safe haven for them, while Engineer Hani Gaid, Head of the Gold Division at the Chamber of Commerce, spoke about this matter. .

The head of the Gold Division in the Chamber of Commerce, regarding the path of gold prices during the coming period, said that the violent conflict in the American markets had a significant impact on gold, also because of the rise in oil prices and bond yields, and the spread of news about raising interest rates on the dollar.

Engineer Hani Gaid added that it is expected that gold will rise again in the coming months, due to the central banks of countries buying their reserves, at the end of each year, especially Russia and China, and revealed that the price of 21 grams is currently low and suitable for purchases.

The price of 21 karat gold in the markets today ranged between 757 and 759 pounds per gram, which indicates that it will rise during the next few period, and the price of the gold pound in the markets ranged between 6056 and 6072 pounds.


division clarifies date rise gold prices opportunity buy

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