The Saudi “Al-Maliki Group” adopts the latest digital solutions to improve online shopping experiences for luxury products

The Saudi “Al-Maliki Group” adopts the latest digital solutions to improve online shopping experiences for luxury products
The Saudi “Al-Maliki Group” adopts the latest digital solutions to improve online shopping experiences for luxury products

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
Al-Maliki Group, a family business group specialized in retailing and distributing luxury products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is currently preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its launch in 2022, announced its contribution to the digital transformation and development of the e-commerce market in the Gulf states, which is worth 29 billion. dollars, by investing in Salesforce Solutions, a global leader in the development of customer relationship management solutions.

With the growing number of tech-savvy youth across the region, more and more customers are looking to take advantage of convenient, omni-channel, and data-driven e-commerce experiences. As a result, the e-commerce market in the Arab Gulf states is witnessing a compound annual growth rate of 20%, with expectations that it will reach $29 billion during the year 2021, according to the latest reports issued by Kearney Consulting.

Al-Maliki Group is one of the largest retail groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a proven track record of more than 65 years of experience and specialization in this field. The company has more than 1,100 employees, and represents more than 105 global brands online and in stores. traditional. In order to support the process of development and innovation in the field of e-commerce, the group is currently working on deploying a wide range of solutions capable of improving the digital experiences available to customers.

On this occasion, Daniel Gomez Rojas, Executive Director of the Digital Sector at Al-Malki Group, said: “We are always looking to meet all the requirements and needs of our customers who want to have more interactive and specialized shopping experiences, especially in light of the competitive atmosphere witnessed by the e-commerce and retailing of luxury products in countries The Gulf: Most of our customers used to shop at traditional stores in malls before the outbreak of the epidemic, but the situation has changed now, and customers prefer to have multi-channel electronic experiences, starting with searches and ordering online, and later followed by trying to receive their purchases from stores.

The Al-Malki Group leverages a sophisticated suite of Salesforce solutions, including the Service Cloud platform that enables the group to interact with customers via email and phone, social media, WhatsApp, the Marketing Cloud that automates marketing and personalization processes, and the Commerce platform. Cloud that enables the creation of rich, AI-powered shopping experiences for a network of brand partners. The Al-Maliki Group used MuleSoft services to provide a unified view of customers across Salesforce solutions and other systems, which contributes to a faster, multi-channel experience. Salesforce’s CMS allows the group to coordinate and share content in multiple languages.

Daniel Gomez Rojas added: “Thanks to the digital transformation processes we started in collaboration with Salesforce, the Al-Malki Group can now monetize data to deliver differentiated experiences for brands. By leveraging the MuleSoft-based API, the Al-Malki Group will be able to connect customer data and integrate many more systems according to the highest levels of efficiency and streamlining.

Daniel Gomez Rojas concluded, “Now the Al-Maliki Group can better define and identify millions of its customers, offer individual digital marketing, and give its customers personalized offers. We have been able to move from a business that is restricted to buying and selling merchandise, to an advanced level of creating Personalized and unique experiences for the customers of our network of brand partners, whether online or in-store.”

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