Nawaf Salam to head the government?!

Member of the Strong Lebanon bloc, MP Eddy Maalouf, announced that “acceptance in the name of Nawaf Salam to head the future government is possible, and he said: The name of Salam was proposed last time and we were not rejecting, and even if Hezbollah rejected Nawaf Salam, we do not necessarily have the same opinion with Hezbollah.” “.

Maalouf spoke of a problem between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement because of the party’s support for President Saad Hariri, saying that “this is a clear matter. At some point, we blamed Hezbollah for its lax stance toward us on the issue of forming a government.”

In another context, Maalouf, on the “Lebanese Scene” program on the “Al-Hurra” channel, with the media, Layal Al-Ikhtyar, refused to proceed with the amendment of the election law, saying, “We fought a long, broad battle to reach this law and we will not go back.”

Maalouf also refused to put all the accusations and failures on Hezbollah, and asked: “If there had been agreement on criminal scrutiny and Capital Control, would that have constituted a problem for Hezbollah, and is there a problem with Hezbollah in raising immunities and in smuggled money and others?”

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