Lebanon descends towards civil chaos!

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party issued a statement, noting that “Lebanon is descending towards civil chaos, with the successive decline of the national currency and the continuous disintegration of what remains of the state structure, the collapse of the education, health, energy and food systems, and the spread of crime. This is accompanied by the escalation of sectarian and regional fanaticism, and the resurgence of activity.” Takfiri cells, and the erosion of the American-European-Turkish foreign intervention.

He added, “While the fading Jewish state continues to implement its plans and aggressions and attempts to explode the security situation in the south, and uses the atmosphere in Lebanon to attack Damascus and bet on changing the existing political balance in favor of the resistance forces in Lebanon and the region, whether peace or war.”

He continued, “All of this is happening in front of the eyes of the government of President Najib Mikati, the government of the disguised banks and the inability from the first day to take any rescue step, and which the Syrian Social Nationalist Party refused to assign to its president as it refused to assign President Saad Hariri before him, because the policy of buying time only helps in The dismantling of what remains of the structure of society and the economy, and the complete dissolution of the state.

And he added, “A government that adopts the usual sectarian and sectarian quotas as a basis for it after all this historical failure, and with faces and forces responsible for and partners in the current reality, cannot secure stability or salvation, but will remain paralyzed and it will be difficult to withstand until the parliamentary elections are due.”

He said, “In addition to siding with the forces that exercise a political and economic siege on Lebanon, the government is working to protect special interests from banks, large monopolies and companies, and implement the conditions of the International Monetary Fund with unparalleled brutality, and ensure surrender in the battle to defend the gas wealth at sea.”

He continued, “For this reason, the forces of political-financial exploitation are waging a systematic campaign to displace our people and destroy their social structure, and to blame them for the losses of the financial and economic policies that were perpetuated during Hariri’s political stage, which originally arose with the establishment of the entity, through “hercates” of undeclared assets, and The state, its facilities and gold reserves, protecting money smugglers abroad, covering currency manipulators, and ensuring that the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, continues the policies of dumping the market instead of removing and prosecuting it and recovering the smuggled funds.

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party opposed any negotiation with the International Monetary Fund and its plans based on religion, dependency on economies and impoverishment of peoples. “.

He said, “The best way to deal with the enemy’s threats to Lebanon and the prospecting companies is the armed force and reciprocate the hostile companies that are exploring for gas in the fields of occupied Palestine.”

The party welcomed “any call for internal dialogue, especially if it is issued by the presidency. However, the party affirms that any call for dialogue must include the people’s living forces and start from the basis of forming a rescue government that stops the accelerating collapse and establishes a radical economic-political transformation and the abolition of sectarianism.”

He added, “The call for a discussion of administrative decentralization and a move away from the proposal of financial decentralization are propositions that do away with the real problem of Lebanon with the sectarianism that controls society and the system, and reproduces the current system on a divisive basis that threatens the unity of life and establishes and does not raise the threat of the party’s continuous conflict over resources. Entirely.”

The party also condemned, “the attempts of the remnants of the March 14 forces to re-discuss Lebanon’s position in the conflict and to fabricate the lie of the Iranian occupation, to divert attention from the American interference in the joints of the country and from the role of the looting system allied with abroad in the current collapse, with the aim of creating an illusory “regional” division and correcting the The weapon of resistance.

The party warned against “the continuation of politicization in the investigation file of the crime of the explosion of the port and the Western and political interference in the work of the judiciary, and attempts to waste justice and to forfeit the rights of the martyrs, victims and those affected, including the party’s martyr, comrade engineer Mazen Zuwaihid. It also warns against leniency with the perpetrators of the Tayouneh crime and not putting an end to it.” of the separatist sabotage of the Lebanese Forces Party.

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party affirmed, “the right of our people to express their legitimate demands, defend their wasted and usurped rights, and hold accountable their thieves from politicians, merchants, monopolists and exploiters. It urges the historical and newly formed national forces to unite to confront the coming dangers. It also urges our people to solidarity and social and economic solidarity, and Monopolizing and creating solutions for steadfastness through local production in the face of the dangers of hunger and chaos, and not relying on an effective role for the decaying state and sectarian forces.

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