Betar and Stefan Malul against the clock

Guy Ben Ziv 14/01/2022 10:15

The disclosure of the name of Betar Jerusalem’s intended acquisition of ONE shook the city of Jerusalem yesterday evening. Fans, club workers and Jerusalem businessmen began to find out in every possible way about the man and his business with the publication of Stefan Malul’s name on ONE.
For weeks, Betar Jerusalem has been hiding the name of the businessman with whom it has been in contact recently. There were quite a few rumors and publications about businessmen interested in buying the club, but yesterday the name of the French businessman Stefan Malul was revealed and Betar was forced, due to the disclosure of his name in ONE, to publish an orderly announcement on the media after approval and coordination with owner Moshe Hogg. At that time in a restaurant in Ramat Hachayal in Tel Aviv.

Now, the team’s management is waiting for Malul’s staff, accountants and lawyers, to complete the due diligence to advance the club’s acquisition deal. At the same time, Betar knows that there is not much time and if the deal is not implemented within a few days, it will be inevitable to implement the plan to cut and release the players in the January transfer window.

“It’s too early to celebrate and make statements,” say Betar. Why is it said in Betar that it is too early? Because no serious fees have been paid yet, no due diligence has been carried out and in fact a “memorandum of understanding” has been signed between the parties, and Betar people who remember the story of Adler and Levin want to wait a little longer before getting excited and declaring the sale of the club.

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The person who is handling the sale of the group in front of Malul and his lawyer, Orly Zini, is the owner Moshe, who is celebrating with lawyer Yitzhak Junger. Malul will deposit a serious fee of about a million dollars when the due diligence begins: “The due diligence can be completed within a week, everything is in order with us, the books are ready, everything is ready in advance, waiting to hear from Stefan’s men soon. “Depositing the seriousness fee together with the due diligence requires us not to make changes at the club at the moment, but things need to happen quickly because we depend on the January transfer window where only we can sell players and release players if the team is not sold,” said Beit Vagan.
Betar players, who were exposed yesterday via ONE to the businessman’s name, began searching on Google for what the man was doing and what his fortune was. Everyone is tense and wants to know if this is a rich person who can hold Betar for a long time. Yesterday it became clear that Stefan Malul was interested in acquiring the club in the past, but this did not materialize as soon as he was required to answer a few simple questions about his fortune, past and business.


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