“Linoy Ashram has no class” Trouble in the Israeli team

(Photo: Oliver Fitoussi / Flash 90)

A recording was distributed throughout the network, in which the coach of the Israeli national gymnastics team, Ira Vigdorchik, is heard saying harsh things about Linoy Ashram.

The recording

Among the things Vigdorchik says in the recording is a critique of Irina Weiner, Linoy Ashram’s coach: “Weiner is afraid of being scared to death. She needs to be afraid of the judgment, she needs to understand that she needs to handle her own judgment. She thinks she controls her own judges. She does not I understand, they take money from her, but she does not control them. “

Vigdorchik (Photo: Oliver Fitoussi / Flash 90)

Vigdorchik added: “Linoy Ashram is a class.” About the coach she said: “She knows she’s a bitch.”

It is not known in what context and circumstances the things were said, nor when Vigdorchik was recorded.

Linoy Ashram’s response

Linoy Ashram’s staff responded to these words: “We were shocked to see the video in which Israeli national team coach Ira Vigdorchik comes out against Israel’s senior artistic gymnast Linoy Ashram and prepared in astonishment!”

“The things presented in the video that Vigdorchik allegedly said are hard to hear and extremely disturbing. It has not occurred to us in any Olympic campaign that domestic elements will make efforts to sabotage our efforts to reach the Olympic Games. It is inconceivable that the Israel national team coach Israel’s senior! “

“We demand the intervention of the gymnastics association in order to carry out a thorough examination of all the things that are heard in the recordings and to exhaust the law with what they say.”

The reactions of Irina Vigdorchik and the Gymnastics Association were quoted on the Ynet website

Vigdorchik’s response: “Before every Olympics, interested parties put out Pike News designed to hurt me and especially the team’s chances and of course things then turn out to be nonsense.”

“This is the third time this has happened exactly 3 weeks before the Olympics. These idle attempts come after and due to the successes of the team and my stubborn stand in favor of the girls of the team.”

The gymnastics association responded: “We are in the very last line before the Olympics and therefore, any issue that distracts us from the goal – will be postponed until after the games.”

“It is possible that the leak of things right now came just to divert us from the goal. This cannot happen. All things will be checked after the Tokyo Games.”

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