Egypt.. Arrest of a Ukrainian who appeared naked on her balcony

The Egyptian authorities arrested a Ukrainian woman who used to go out to the balcony of her house and strip naked in front of passers-by and neighbors.

The neighbors of the woman, who lives in the assembly area, east of Cairo, summoned the security services, who arrested her, and referred her to the Public Prosecution Office on charges of inciting immorality and immorality.

For her part, the accused said before the security services that she is of Ukrainian nationality, and she used to go out to the balcony of her residence in her country and strip her clothes and be completely free as she is in her home.

“I don’t know Egyptian laws”

She indicated that she is ignorant of the laws in Egypt and does not know that these acts are legally criminalized.

She also mentioned that she arrived in Egypt with a group of her friends on a tourist trip to visit the landmarks of Cairo, and after she returned and ate dinner, she went out to sit on the balcony and stripped of her upper clothes.

Egyptian police

She added that she was surprised by screams and whistles from neighbors and passers-by, and did not understand what they meant.

In turn, the Public Prosecution decided to summon a representative from the Ukrainian embassy to attend the interrogation sessions with the woman.

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