The pimp affair at Gilboa Prison: A prison guard was separated from all her shiftmates

The pimp affair at Gilboa Prison: A prison guard was separated from all her shiftmates
The pimp affair at Gilboa Prison: A prison guard was separated from all her shiftmates

In a lawsuit filed about two weeks ago by one of the guards at Gilboa Prison, she recreates the emotional and sexual abuse she experienced from Muhammad Atallah, the leader of Fatah’s security prisoners’ wing.

In one of her shifts, the warden was placed in Wing 5 of Fatah prisoners, where Atallah, who served as the spokesman and representative of the ward in front of the prison administration, “signed”. He told her: “You will come back to me in my wing.”

The warden noted that to her surprise at the next shift she was indeed separated from all her shift mates and returned to Wing 5, where Atallah is located. When she turned to the shift commander and asked him why he had been assigned to the wing in question, he replied: “Leave, it’s from above.”

At this point the warden shared that an mask of emotional and sexual abuse had begun on the part of Atallah. He said she used to walk around the wing and every time she passed him as part of her job, he used to cling to her with his body while rubbing against her behind her. She noted in the lawsuit that these incidents were routine. In some cases he even clung to her and ran his hand over her ass while cupping and stroking her ass. According to the indictment, he used to stare at her and even made her feel terrified.

Another unusual detail mentioned in the statement of claim, submitted by the law firm of Leizerowitz-Barak, concerns the fact that Atallah told the plaintiff several times that she would be a wing sergeant and would not go up to guard the towers. Here, too, surprisingly the statements corresponded to reality.

Complained to the intelligence officer – and continued her role in the division

In a conversation with another prison guard on one of the Shabbat shifts at the prison, the prosecuting warden shared with her that Atallah was touching her and harassing her. The second warden admitted to her that she also suffered from sexual harassment and indecent acts on the part of the security prisoner. They both decided to report to Prison Intelligence Officer Rani Basha on the suffering that Atallah was causing them. They met with the lieutenant colonel and demonstrated to him how and where the prisoner touched and rubbed against them. The officer expressed his shock and promised to take care of the matter.

At this point the plaintiff was already certain she had finished her part in Wing 5 where Atallah was staying and that she would not be placed there anymore. The next day, however, and in the following months, the plaintiff was placed in the exact same wing and nothing changed – the sexual assaults continued. Atallah continued to cling to the warden’s body as she filled her role in the wing, running his hand over her ass and stroking her buttocks.

The warden felt that her mental state was difficult and she was no longer able to serve in the wing. As a result, she asked to leave the IPS and return to serve in the IDF. The request was not approved, but because she insisted on leaving the IPS, she was assigned to the rest of her military service as a clerk in the prison commander’s office in Sam Kashkush.

In the last few weeks of her service, an investigation began that later became known as the prison case of Gilboa Prison. This is after media reports in which it was revealed that the police officer in the prison is pimping in Atallah’s sexual satisfaction prisons. The police and the prosecutor’s office investigated the suspicions that the officer knew what happened and encouraged it. The reason?

The prosecutor’s office decided to close the case against IPS officers, including the lieutenant colonel, who was suspended for a long period of time. An indictment has been filed against Atallah, and the prosecutor is expected to testify at his trial as one of his victims.

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