After a dance show for bare-chested young men, a storefront was destroyed in the southern suburbs of Beirut

The southern suburb of Beirut began its day, Monday, with a shooting incident that targeted the front of a store selling cosmetics, care and tattoos, located on the “Hadi Nasrallah” highway, owned by the Lebanese beauty expert, Aya Sabra, who had opened it the day before the incident.

These developments came after a great uproar caused by the opening ceremony of the shop, where video clips from the ceremony spread showing naked professional dancers performing their dances in front of the audience, amid interaction and applause, which angered a large number of religious conservatives who saw in the scene a strangeness that does not resemble the region and its people. .
However, the interaction with this case did not stop at registering the objection to what happened, but went beyond it to the extent that a number of militants incited against the shop and its owner and called for its burning and retribution from its owners, which was the dawn of Monday, when pictures and video clips spread showing the destruction and exposure of the shop front. For shooting, its damage was limited to material.

And the matter did not stop at that, as the campaign of incitement and the shooting that followed, followed a healing campaign launched by the same extremist groups on social media, declaring their support for the attack that took place, thanking the party that carried it out, as the pictures of the destroyed shop were transmitted, accompanied by phrases of the kind “Many thanks”.

While the accounts of the instigators appear to be loyal to the Shiite duo (Hezbollah and the Amal movement), the incident reminded the existence of extremist currents that practice a takfiri approach within these parties and the environment of their supporters, and are trying to impose their doctrine and warnings on the Shiite community as a whole in Lebanon, especially since the incitement campaigns brought back the eras that were In which Hezbollah seized the southern suburbs after the Lebanese civil war and imposed ideological Islamic rulings on it, calling for “the restoration of that stage to curb these phenomena.”

The incident also recalled the campaigns and similar events that affected liquor stores, wedding halls, parties and mixed swimming pools, in the areas of influence of Hezbollah and its supporters in southern Lebanon and in the southern suburb of Beirut, under the pretext of “violating Islamic law” and “exhibiting behaviors that do not fit the public mood.”

On the other hand, a large number of residents of the southern suburbs of Beirut, including supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal movement, expressed their concern about the attack, and the control of the “ISIS and Takfiri mentality” over the region’s society, expressing their refusal to interfere with people’s livelihood under any pretext or pretext, expressing their fear of the The extreme course of these groups.

Commenting on the incident, Abeer asked, “Dancing is forbidden, but cutting one’s livelihood is permissible?” And she continued, “People are shaken by a dance, but not shaken by the price hike and the sight of waste in the streets.”

Meanwhile, a number of activists republished pictures showing bare-chested young Hezbollah supporters during their invasion of the sit-in camps of the October 17 uprising.

Aya Sabra posted on her Instagram page, photos and videos of her shop after it was destroyed, and attached the viewer with the phrase “Praise be to God, we are all fine, God forgives those who are talking, but those who did this work do not forgive them, neither this world nor the next, God does not leave anyone’s right and my joy is complemented by my success “.

She also published video clips of her commenting on what happened by saying: “You do not accept these things in the suburb, understand, and this is not your culture and your level, but your level to shoot at a shop where there are people? Isn’t this a shame for you? Well, you did not accept the scene that came out, why did you not Does anyone contact me? Have things become loose and run by savages? Even if, as it was said, what happened harmed the image of the southern suburbs, would it not have been possible to resolve things amicably?

And Sabra continued her response to what happened, criticizing the campaigns against her by religious extremists, and asked, “Suppose I was in the shop or my children were in the shop. Was that to satisfy you? And who said that I accept distorting the image of the southern suburb? Or that I am here to change the customs and traditions of the suburb and the traditions of its community?” Nobody tried to understand what happened to me, the direct message was that they are people who are ready to kill immediately.”

It is noteworthy that this incident came the day after a similar incident that targeted a clothing store that had held a similar opening ceremony that caused an uproar on social media. An approach that is being followed with the violators and the dissenters in the southern suburbs of Beirut, in order to deliver messages of threat and intimidation to any open direction.

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