A retired actress.. Who is the wife of Dhafer El Abidine?

A retired actress.. Who is the wife of Dhafer El Abidine?
A retired actress.. Who is the wife of Dhafer El Abidine?

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi:

The artist, Dhafer El Abidine, appeared, with his wife, Joanne Farrell, at the premiere of his first directorial experience, the movie “Ghadwa”, within the activities of the 43rd session of the Cairo International Film Festival.

Dhafer El Abidine’s wife caught the attention of Red Carpet at the Cairo Festival.

Information about the wife of Dhafer El Abidine

She holds British citizenship.

I got to know Dhafer El Abidine while filming the British series Dream Team, where they were among its heroes, and then they got married.

– Dhafer El Abidine’s wife quit acting and turned to singing years ago.

She sings in many concerts in Britain.

She performs in London, Canada, Japan and other countries of the world.

She records vocals for famous pop artists, Ruby and British rock band Bring Me The Horizon.

– Featured in international brands.

She makes sound recordings of commercials on radio and television.

– Dhafer Al-Abidin previously confirmed in his interview with the “Tonight De” program in December 2015, that “Joan” preferred motherhood over work and quit acting based on her desire, due to her keenness to devote herself to taking care of their daughter, especially with his frequent travels.

She has one daughter, Dhafer El Abidine, named “Yasmine”, who is 11 years old.

– On the red carpet at the Cairo Festival, the “ET Bel Arabi” program interviewed her, during which she expressed her pride in her husband, saying: “I am very proud of what Dhafer El Abidine has achieved. Because it shows a different side of it, and I’m very excited to bring it to the public.”

– Tunisian is more fluent than Standard Arabic, and Zafer’s mother understands both Tunisian and sign.

The movie “Ghadwa” is Dhafer El Abidine’s first directing experience, as well as in writing, production and starring. The 43rd Cairo Film Festival witnessed its world premiere.

The events of the movie “Ghadwa” revolve around the health condition of Habib, which brings him together with his 15-year-old son from his previous marriage, “Ahmed”. Ahmed” for taking care and maintaining the safety of his father.

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