After scoring the “killer goal” .. the death of the Egyptian coach, Adham El-Selehdar

After scoring the “killer goal” .. the death of the Egyptian coach, Adham El-Selehdar
After scoring the “killer goal” .. the death of the Egyptian coach, Adham El-Selehdar

On Thursday, Egyptian media reported the death of Adham El-Selhadar, the former Ismaili star and coach of Al-Majd Alexandria team, after suffering a heart attack, after his team scored a winning goal in the last seconds against Al-Zarqa team, in the Egyptian second division.

Adham El Solhdar fell during his team’s match against Zarqa, after Mohamed Essam scored the winning goal in the last seconds, in the context of the second group confrontations.

And the website “Fi Joul” quoted the media advisor of the Alexandrian team, Al-Majd Bahi, as saying: “Our team scored in the 93rd minute against Al-Zarqa net, and Al-Silahdar experienced a sharp drop in blood circulation.”

He added, “The coach was taken to the hospital, but he died before his arrival.”

Al-Silhdar took over the leadership of the team in the fourth round after the resignation of Ahmed Saleh. Thursday’s match against Zarqa was in the ninth round of the Egyptian Second Division League.

El Solhdar was included in training positions within the youth sector in the Ismaili Club, and he led the first team on a number of occasions temporarily and achieved good results, according to the newspaper, “Al-Masry Al-Youm”.

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scoring killer goal death Egyptian coach Adham ElSelehdar

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