When do you light Hanukkah candles? Halachot Hanukkah 2021

When do you light Hanukkah candles? Halachot Hanukkah 2021
When do you light Hanukkah candles? Halachot Hanukkah 2021

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When do you light Hanukkah candles?

When do you light Hanukkah candles? Hanukkah 2021

Begin to light the first candle on Sunday the 24th of Kislev 28.11 and add a candle every day until Sunday the 1st of Tevet 5.12



The rising of the stars


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When do Hanukkah candles be lit by Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon (courtesy of the Sulam organization)

The laws of Chanukah according to the customs of all the communities


A. In the days of the Second Temple, the kings of Greece ruled the land of Israel, and decreed decrees on the people of Israel, forbidding them to engage in Torah and mitzvos. They also laid their hands on the money of Israel and the daughters of Israel, and defiled the Temple and destroyed in it what they could, and plundered the vessels of the Temple. Until the God of our fathers had mercy on them, and the Hasmoneans began a revolt, and defeated and saved Israel. And power returned to the land of Israel, to the people of Israel, for more than two hundred years until the end of the Second Temple period.

B. When Israel defeated the Greeks on the 25th of Kislev, they entered the temple and found no pure oil in it except for one day, and a miracle was performed and the lamp was lit from it for eight days.

third. And because of these miracles, the sages of Israel, eight days of rejoicing and praise, fixed on the defeat of the enemy and the victory of Israel. And they arranged for more candles to be lit in those days on the doorways of the houses, to proclaim the miracle of victory and the miracle of the jug of oil. And lighting candles is very important, until the sages determined that even a poor person who earns a living from charity, sells his belongings, in order to buy a Hanukkah candle.

Lighting the candles

D. By law, a person should light one candle every night. And then all of Israel used to do a mitzvah from the chosen one, that on the first night he lights one candle, and every night he adds one candle until the last night there will be eight candles.

God. The Spaniards drove Light one menorah for the whole house, andSome of the Ashkenazim, Used to have each of the men light a menorah. And those who practice this custom, will try to put the candles in such a way that there will be a familiarity between the menorah and the menorah. And everyone will do as they please.

and. Whoever did not light one night, from anywhere will light like everyone else. Such as if he did not light on the second night, he would light three candles everywhere on the third night.

P. Another candle needs to be lit and it is the sun, because it is forbidden to use candlelight, and if it comes to use it will be in sunlight. Therefore the sun should first light more than the rest of the candles. And if there is other lighting (also electric lighting), there is no obligation to turn on the sun.

Place of ignition

H. The menorah should be placed At the entrance to the house next to the street. And if there is a yard in front of the house the menorah should be laid At the entrance to the courtyard. andThose who do not live on the ground floor, The menorah should be placed In the window Facing the street.

ninth. The menorah should be placed above 3 slaps from the ground (about 27 cm), and initially below 10 slaps (about 90 cm). And whoever placed the menorah at a height of more than 9 meters did not go out of his way.

י. It is a mitzvah to place the menorah in the tapah next to the opening on the left (left of the person entering the house), so that there is a mezuzah on the right and a Hanukkah candle on the left. And if there is no mezuzah in the doorway, place it on the right.

Yes. A yard that has two openings facing different directions, should light a menorah in both openings, and will bless only the first opening that lights up.

Twelve. A person who is in a city of Gentiles, and there is a danger of placing the menorah in a way that will be seen from the outside – will light the menorah inside the house. And he who lights inside the house when there is no danger – did not go out by duty.

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Time and rate of ignition

יג. The time for lighting the candles is At sunset (Written on all the tablets about 16:39), and not the rising of the stars.

Hand. Put oil on or use a candle that will burn for at least half an hour.

Tu. Those who need to go outside their house and cannot be at home at the time of lighting, can welcome the guiding light onwards (about an hour before sunset), but should put enough oil to light half after sunset.

16. Those who did not light on time, turn on as long as there are passers-by on the street. And if half an hour has passed since the lighting time, and there are no passers-by on the street, he will light without a blessing until the Pillar of Dawn.

The wicks and oils

Easy. A mitzvah from the chosen one Light in olive oil. However, all oils and wicks are kosher, if they are lit (and will not go out in a short time).

Pcs. Wax candles, and solid olive oil – kosher.

It. It is allowed to use the same wick more than once, but a mitzvah to replace.

about. Do not use a clay menorah, because the clay is dirty after being lit once. But it is permissible to use a new clay menorah once.

Lighting does a mitzvah

Twenty-two. The mitzvah of Hanukkah is to light, so if the candle goes out there is no obligation to go back and light it, and in any case a mitzvah to go back to lighting (if it goes out within the first half hour of lighting). And if he lit where there was a wind, that the candle would probably go out – he should go back to lighting.

Cb. Since the commandment of Hanukkah is to light, the candles must not be lit in a certain place and moved after lighting, but must be lit where they will be as long as they are lit.

As. If he lit the candles, and only then put them in their proper place – it was not obligatory, and the candles should be extinguished and re-lit in their proper place.

jug. Enough oil should be added before lighting so that it ignites for at least half an hour.

The debtors of the Hanukkah candle

so. A woman owes a Hanukkah candle, and even to the practices that everyone lights – out of duty in her husband’s menorah.

Etc. If a person can not be at home At the time of lighting, Turn on his wife.

כז. A child who has reached education (6-9 and up) – must light a Hanukkah candle, if he is not at home (with his parents). And for the practices that everyone lights – should be lit anyway.

Power. A little one can not turn on and off by large duty, even if he has reached education.

כט. A person who rents a room with a family, and is not turned on at home (who is not married, or whose wife is not at home to be turned on), should attend a token participation with the landlord, in the oil of a Hanukkah candle.

To. A person who rents a room with a family, and has a separate entrance – needs to turn on, and it is not enough to participate with the landlord.

No. A guest does not have to share in the oil with the landlord, as oil probably entitles the landlord to the oil, as he hosts it.

heart. A sitting guy and anyone who is not at home cannot trust the lighting in his parents (I.e. he slept and ate that day at his house, and could not attend the lighting).

Lag. A married person who is turned on at home, if he is in a place where there is no other person to turn on – he will be welcomed.

The order of lighting and blessings

Led. The one who lights on the first night, will bless three blessings before lighting: to light a Hanukkah candle, and that he performed miracles, and that we lived; And if he did not bless that we lived on the first night, bless on the second night or when he remembers.

her. The rest of the nights he will bless two blessings: to light, and to perform miracles.

to him. After lighting at least one candle, he will say: these candles, etc.

Laz. He who did not light and will not light that night, nor does he light it inside his house, when he sees a Hanukkah candle blesses: who performed miracles, and on the first night also blesses: that we lived, and if later on Monday or Tuesday night he comes to light does not return and bless: that we live.

damp. The candles should be arranged on the right side of the menorah. And start lighting from the leftmost candle.

The shape of the menorah and the candles

Lt. The candles should not be placed in such a way that they look like a candle, but each candle should look its own.

M. For this reason do not light in a menorah that is made in a rounded shape (that all the candles are the same height, except that there is a different depth for each candle).

Ma. It is not forbidden to light in the menorah that the candles are not of the same height [אם אינם נראים כאבוקה], But it is good to light in the menorah that all the candles are in one row.

MB. The sun should be slightly different from the rest of the candles, either at a height or away from the candles, so that it is noticeable that it is the sun.

Enjoy Hanukkah candles

Meg. It is forbidden to use a Hanukkah candle, because it disgraces a mitzvah, even for the use of a mitzvah, such as studying Torah in light of the Hanukkah.

gauge. The menorah light must not be used, even after it has been lit for half an hour.

what. Even after the candles have been lit for half an hour, the menorah should not be extinguished unless it has only a limited amount of oil for the rest of the days, and will not be able to obtain another oil.

Mo. It is permissible to light a Hanukkah candle from another Hanukkah candle, and precisely to light from one to another without a middle candle, but to light by a candle of sand, is forbidden. And the Ashkenazim tend to make it worse not to light from candle to candle at all.

Maz. What is left of the oil every day can be lit the next day. But what is left on the last day from the oil and from the wicks, should burn because it is forbidden in pleasure.

MH. A bottle of oil from which fills the candles, is allowed with pleasure. And if he said in his mouth that it is for Hanukkah candles – all the oil should be burned, which is also forbidden with pleasure.

Lighting candles on Saturday night and Saturday night

Matt. On Shabbat evening, a Hanukkah candle should be lit, followed by a Shabbat candle.

N. Care should be taken on Saturday night not to extinguish the candles by opening the door.

please. The “Creator of the Fire Maori” should not be greeted on Shabbat night with a Hanukkah candle (and the sun is allowed).

post Scriptum. Light a Hanukkah candle in the synagogue before the Havdalah.

Ng. Light a Hanukkah candle at home, after the havdalah. andThere are some Ashkenazis Who used to light before the havdalah, if they heard a havdalah in the synagogue.

Lighting in the synagogue

Ned. Sages led during the exile, to light in the synagogue to publicize the miracle, because they would light abroad inside the house because of the danger. In exile.

Noah. It is not obligatory to light candles in the synagogue, nor are those who lit the synagogue [ואפילו הדליק בעצמו], Should light in his house.

Net. In the synagogue the menorah should be placed in the south wall, similar to the temple lamp.

S. In the synagogue, one should light between Mincha and Arabic, and on Shabbat evening one should light before Mincha.

Permitted and forbidden things to do on Hanukkah

Sa. It is permissible to do any craft on Hanukkah, however The women used to do no craft while the candles were lit. (And at least for the first half hour), and men should study Torah at the same time.

grandfather. It is forbidden to eulogize on Hanukkah except to a wise student who has died in the 6th century, and precisely in his presence.

Seg. It is forbidden to fast on Hanukkah. And the fasting on Hanukkah is a dream fast, one should fast after Hanukkah another day for fasting on Hanukkah.

chock. It is customary to eat dairy foods on Hanukkah, A reminder of a miracle performed with Judith.

Fighters light Hanukkah candles in Gush Etzion (Gershon Allinson / Flash 90)

Saying about the miracles

Total. Every eight days of Hanukkah one must say about the miracles in the blessing of food in the blessing of the land, and if one forgets and remembers before mentioning the name – returns to the miracles. And if he remembers after he has finished the blessing, when he comes to the Merciful he will say: “The Merciful will do for us miracles and wonders as he did for our fathers in those days at that time. In the days of Mattathias, etc.”

Su. Every eight days of Chanukah the miracles in prayer should be said in the blessing of thanksgiving, and if he forgot and remembered before mentioning the name – he returns to the miracles. And if he remembers after finishing the blessing, he does not return.

Sz. The Shabbat and R.H. supplements should also be mentioned about the miracles, even though there is no Hanukkah supplement.

The prayer on Hanukkah

Sah. All eight days of Hanukkah end the praise.

St. Do not say supplication and “your righteousness as the mountains of God” and the psalm “May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble” on Hanukkah.

Reading the Torah and the Haftarah on Hanukkah

E. Every day, three ascend to the Torah, in the sacrifices of the presidents in Parashat Nasha.

Ea. The Spaniards Begin to recite the Blessing of Priests, And the Ashkenazim We start with “And be on the day of the brides of Moses.”

Ab. On the second day the priest ascends from “on the second day” to “one bull of a calf”, and Levi to “on the third day”, and Israel repeats the whole passage “on the second day”, and this way is read every day.

Egg. On the eighth day, read until “Yes, do the lamp” in the affair of your ascension.

Until. On the Sabbath of Hanukkah, B. publishes Torah scrolls on the first reading in this week’s Torah portion – seven immigrants, and on the second reading calls for the death due to Hanukkah, and utters “Rani and Simchi”.

Eh. On the 28th of Tevet, two Torah scrolls are taken out and three ascend to the Torah due to the 28th, and then one ascends due to Hanukkah. But if they have taken out a second Torah scroll, it should be raised to a fifth Torah due to Hanukkah.

goat. On the eve of Tevet, which began to be in the sand, Kaddish should not be said after the reading of the Torah in the first book, but only after four have ascended to the Torah. And on the eve of Tevet, which began to be on Shabbat, If six immigrants are recited in this week’s Torah portion, Kaddish should not be said until after the seventh immigrant in Parashat Rach.

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