Rashwan Tawfik: The most difficult ordeal I lived because of “Aya” my daughter and her husband

Rashwan Tawfik: The most difficult ordeal I lived because of “Aya” my daughter and her husband
Rashwan Tawfik: The most difficult ordeal I lived because of “Aya” my daughter and her husband

Artist Rashwan Tawfik said:: There are issues between me and my daughter Aya and her husband, and I do not want to go into details about them, but as much as I have witnessed in my life the difficulties, but this ordeal with my daughter is one of the most difficult tribulations after I gave them my whole life.

And he added, during his meeting with the media, Amr Al-Leithi, on his program, One of the People on the Life Screen, that he will leave the matter to the just judiciary, and God will show the truth, and I have distributed my inheritance in my life and I want to meet God without anything, and I gave everything I own in my life to my children and my wife.

Rashwan Tawfik continued: I went through very difficult circumstances in my artistic career, and I was traveling outside Egypt and I did not have money, and I used to sleep next to my wife and I would say to her, “What steel?” And write it in her name and the name of the girls.

Heba Rashwan commented that her father had a feeling that he would die before his wife, but God’s will is that she died first – may God have mercy on her.

Al-Laithi added: Whoever has no good in Rashwan Tawfiq has no good in any human being.

And the great artist Rashwan Tawfik recently said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that he is currently experiencing a great tragedy that is no less influential in the death of his only son, Tawfiq, after his daughter’s husband and grandson filed cases against him, after influencing his youngest daughter to bring things to what he did not want. , As he says.

Rashwan Tawfiq confirmed that he lived his whole life for his late son Tawfiq, his two daughters, Heba and Aya, and his late wife, saying, “I lived my whole life for them, and I handed over all the money I got to my late wife, and she was the one who gave me the allowance, and she paralyzed me in her life and after her death, and I only have a mobile and a phone in my name.” The earthly house, and I gave my children everything“.

And the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq continued, “After the death of my son Tawfiq, I took care of his only daughter, and I did not keep anything for myself and lived for my children, but after the death of my wife Hajja, and recently I was surprised by cases brought by my daughter’s husband and my grandson Alia, after affecting my daughter due to material differences, and an attempt to control what I own, although I did not deprive them of anything throughout my life and period of work, so that this would be the biggest tragedy I ever lived in my life

The great artist indicated with sadness, saying, “They are trying to calm the house of love that I built all my life, despite all this, I pity my daughter, Aya, because she is simple and kind, and perhaps she was influenced and pushed to file cases against me, and I pray for her health and guidance.“.

The artist Rashwan Tawfiq concluded his statements to “The Seventh Day,” saying, “What is happening to me now reminds me of the story of Othello by Shakespeare and Al-Amin Yago, which I embodied on the stage, and the story of King Lear, and what happens to people because of the absolute trust in people who do not preserve it.”“.

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